Boy Today, Man Tomorrow

A Boy Today, a Man TomorrowA Boy Today, a Man Tomorrow

Submitter: I found this 1959 puberty manual when cleaning out an old closet at a public library in North Carolina I worked at a couple summers ago. It had long been weeded–I brought it home to read aloud to my 12-year-old, who was sufficiently horrified!

Holly: What were they saving it in the closet for?? It warms my heart to know it got a second life through your tween.

Boy Today, a man tomorrow



    1. In late December, 2020, the post-mistresses on this blog need to have an awards ceremony for commenters so I can see you get in the top 5 at least with that.

  1. “The other correct words for mating are sexual intercourse and coitus.”

    Did anyone else think of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory?

    1. Instantly!

      Perhaps there will come a future episode of “Young Sheldon” where his mother or the librarian will foist this booklet upon him! Maybe the submitter should send his/her copy to the producers ASAP!

  2. I wonder what kind of reaction a tween today would get if they referred to sex as “mating”. 🙂

    1. My mom gave me a book in the late 70s that referred to sex as ‘mating,’ and it still makes me shudder. I remember it said “a man and a woman usually mate in bed.” Eeeegh.

  3. Good god, Submitter! What the hell did your twelve-year-old do to make you inflict this on him? Couldn’t you do something more merciful, like ground him for life?

  4. I was going “ew” every time I read the word “mating” when referring to humans having sex. I was thinking the booklet was like some porny version of The Wild Kingdom.

  5. Those illustrations are like nothing else! Who the H#LL is that hiding in his mirror?!?! That “boy” (??) behind the title on the cover, what’s he doing to have _that_ look on his face?? Mr. Pentes, if you come any closer, I will sneeze on you!

  6. After searching for “Jack Pentes” to see if he did other, similar, works of illustration, I found that he designed a popular theme park about Frank Baum’s Oz, now closed, and… invented the fast food restaurant ball pit.

  7. And, of course, there’s nothing vaguely ‘mating’-oriented about that rocket ship on the cover blasting through a smoke ring. Egad!

  8. Anyone else read that with the transatlantic accent you would hear during those old-timey PSA and educational films?

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