Bowling for the Ladies

Boling for Women - CoverBowling for Women

Submitter: Here we have a lovely example of why our library needs to weed. This book serves to tell us that bowling is a fashion statement (new dress, anyone?) and that we need more help and advice because we have less strength than men. Pair that with pictures of women bowling in skirts to their ankles and antiquated scoring “equipment” and this book is a weeding winner! Culled from a college library.

Holly: This is a GREAT example of why libraries should weed! What possible use can it be today in a college library (or any library outside of a museum or archive)? I don’t even have anything to add beyond what Submitter already said. It’s that obvious.

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Bowling for Women - Foreword

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Bowling for Women - Scoring

Bowling for Women - Back cover


  1. I think my mother had that lovely check-pattern skirt, and I am pushing the “old” envelope. . . I think that pretty much covers it. Although the opportunity to buy a new dress, or “even slacks” is pretty darn tempting!

  2. Even slacks are suitable for lane wear. Who would’ve thought…. And the one gal in the last picture looks like she’s wearing running shoes (they resemble them to me, at least). Well, there’s a trip though time…

  3. Next time I go to a clothing store I’m going to ask where their bowling dresses are.

  4. Actually, this is a great book to retain in the library. It provides insights into the culture of the time. This is a book my grandmother might have picked up. I’d like to see more women conduct themselves with more style and grace publicly. With Sandra Fluke, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus as the current “role models” for young women, I fear our gender is doomed.

    1. Sandra Fluke is an amazing, brave woman. I’d be proud if my children took her as a role model.

    2. There are many books published now on historic cultural topics. I would hope libraries would stock those instead.

  5. Out of curiosity I checked the catalog because I know that we have some totally asinine books in our collection. Sure enough we have “Bowling for Women: an Illustrated Guide” by Ellen Forslund. It was also published in 1964, so that must have been a peak time for women bowlers.

  6. This is actually a great book for a college collection. It’s absolutely perfect for gender studies. If your college or university has a thriving program in women’s or gender studies, I’d consider keeping this. I’m sure a future doc student would thank you for this gem.

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