Bowl That Perfect Game

Better Bowling coverBetter Bowling

Submitter: I love the look of this guy on the cover. So old school!

Holly: What is the deal with bowling books? By the time you’re weeding books from 1953 from the sports section, you’re so overdue for weeding that you’re going to end up with piles and piles and piles of discards. Then patronsĀ are going to ask questions. ThenĀ reporters are going to ask questions. So just…stay on top of it and weed on an ongoing basis, or at least yearly. Not once every 60 years.

Tips on etiquette

Correct posture

The Railroad and the Sharp Hook

Better Bowling appendix



  1. I went bowling once, with my fellow Camp Fire Girls when I was about in the fifth or sixth grade. I was a total disaster, rolling gutter ball after gutter ball and knocking down exactly two pins

  2. Are huge, roomy pants recommended for bowling?

    None of those people in the very last picture looks like they’re actually in motion. How long did they have to hold that pose for the photographer?

    1. You are right! That’s hilarious! I’m not a good bowler, but that may be because I never achieved the posture of the middle guy. The balls must be made of styrofoam!

    1. I’m afraid that is a sexist comment — the ladies supposedly couldn’t get their pretty little heads around the rules of the game. But, it always seemed unfair to me, too — I grew up on candlepin bowling, and you always got three balls.

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