Boots and Forceps

Boots and Forceps coverBoots and Forceps

Submitter: Would you have guessed this came out in 1973?

Holly: I had to look this one up. There’s a book review that makes it sound quite nice! Anecdotes from a country vet, maybe like James Herriot’s books. The stories seem to be quite old, though, since the book reviewer mentions the Dust Bowl and cavalry horses. I would not have guessed 1973, but much older. If it still circulates where you live, there’s nothing really wrong with it, but if interest has waned, you can probably clear up some shelf space by weeding this one.




open range


saddle galls

useful as tits on a boar




  1. Yeah, this one actually looks really interesting! I’m going to see if my library has it. They probably weeded it out though, if they ever had it. Reminds me of “Log of a Cowboy.”

  2. I’ve never heard of this book, but Hazel Heckman, as in “as told to” was my Grandparent’s neighbor for years. She wrote “Island In The Sound” and I couple others I can’t quite recall in the late sixties. I might look and see if there is a copy of this packed away somewhere, looks interesting!

  3. Our system has it. I just requested it. i love stories like this, so I am hoping it’s as good as it looks (to me).

  4. James Herriot’s first book was published in 1972 but was set before WWII. This book looks to be similar an ‘old timer’ reminiscing about his youth.

  5. So, I am reading this right now and thoroughly enjoying it. Good stuff for Americana and local history!

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