Boobs and Boys

Boobs Boys and High Heels cover

Boobs, Boys, and High Heels
or How to Get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours

I guess I was out of touch in the 1980s and 1990s. (Oh who am I kidding, I have been “out of touch” since forever.) This book is a quasi memoir, dating guide, beauty book by Dianne Brill. I had no idea who Dianne was. This particular public library had it in 646. I would have thought it was tongue in cheek and stuck it in the 800s.

So Dianne Brill is an actress/designer, an 80s-early 90s club kid, and muse of Andy Warhol. She was dubbed “Queen of the Night.” The book’s content isn’t really my cup of tea, but it is a legit purchase for a collection….in the early 1990s. Is it weed-worthy? In my opinion, and for my library, it is, unless I had some big circulation numbers. This book is 30 years old, so fashion design (and any health and beauty tips or products) are out of date. This might work for collections in NYC area or in specialty collections on pop culture or fashion design.

I kind of put some celebrity advice books in a temporary category in terms of weeding. If the book is still circulating, and the person is still noteworthy, I would consider retaining. There are lots of books that are like this. We have a couple of good examples: Sophia Loren, Travis Stork, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Dick Clark. They give lots of advice. I am not sure the advice is any good, but I guess that is a different book.


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    1. Not out here in San Francisco, either.

      I suppose she’s using “everywhere” to mean “everywhere all the people I think are important hang out in NYC”. So provincial.

      The links show she hasn’t acted since 1997, and got married, had kids and lives in Germany, so — as her old pal famously said — her fifteen minutes are long up.

      Weed it.

  1. I’m 75. I’ve lived in NYC and followed the art scene my entire life. I’ve also worked as a librarian in an art museum for several decades.

    I’ve never heard of this woman.

  2. You are correct, this type of book (The “celeb” tips on how to be ME!) has always been a big producer in the publishing business, I just do not know how big a seller they are. It deserves its own category.
    It seems more of a Social History significance than actual “what to wear & how to carry yourself” advice.

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