Bombed and Buzzed in 1976

bombed buzzed smashed

Bombed Buzzed Smashed or Sober
A Book About Alcohol

I could tell immediately from the font of the word “Bombed” that I had myself a lovely book from the 1970s. Almost every poster I had as a teen used that font. This is one of those teen nonfiction books used to write research papers. It’s okay. There are no pictures or anything interesting to break up the text. Newer books at least have a drunk teen on the cover.

This book from 1976 was probably fine for a teen nonfiction collection when I was in high school. It’s basically a few simple narratives along with basic facts and figures. Nothing really awful, but outdated. You know, because I was in high school in 1976. Good rule of thumb: books in teen nonfiction should not be older than the people reading them.

Making myself a cocktail since I am WAYYYY over 21,


back cover

inside flap

causes of alcohol

good side of drinking

good side of drinking


  1. I’m with Mary, now I want a drink. And I remember that font.

    And also, being about the same age, agree that this is way too old to be kept in circulation. If someone of an age to read this as a teen is now old enough to have grandchildren, it’s hopelessly out of date.

  2. My favorite is still the Teen Alcoholism one with the teen guzzling from the paper bag wrapped bottle. I try very hard to keep the average age of my collection the age of my oldest students! Do love that font…

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