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Meeting Women coverComplete Guide to Meeting Women

Submitter: The reasons it’s awful? Well….. first there’s THE COVER…. Another co-worker said he heard 70’s porn music immediately upon looking at it. And also it advocates date rape as a way to meet women (see pix of pages). It also has chapters on “using astrology to pick up women” and “using the powers of the mind” and advises all the great old standbys like asking a woman to rub suntan oil on you at the beach– with that carpet of hair like on the cover? Um…EW. And for those guys who “are tired of the liberated American women who are so busy trying to be equal to men that they have forgotten how to be ‘real’ women” there’s a chapter on how to find an Asian mail order bride.The SADDEST thing here? This was published not in the 1970’s, but in 1991. There’s even a website in the front– And it’s…… special ……. too.

Holly: The cover is pretty bad!  In fact, the whole thing is awful.


Man-hater and teaser

how to talk to a woman

unique ways to meet women

use telepathy to meet women

  1. “She possibly may think that you are trying to take advantage of her because she’s loaded.”

    REALLY? What EVER would give her THAT idea?


    Whoever you are, Don Diebel, you’re on my List. My List of sexist, entitled, chauvinistic date rapers who I would gladly feed to rabid racoons.

    Ugh. Good choice on the weeding, though.

  2. Love the second-to-last sentence, “She possibly may think that you are trying to take advantage of her because she’s loaded.” In other words, she may assume you have read this book and are targeting her because Don Diebel said it’s easy to seduce drunk women!

  3. Point #5 under “Additional Tips” is brilliant, just brilliant:

    “When asking for a dance in this situation, say ‘Would one of you girls like to dance?'”

    ‘Cause there’s real danger of you winding up dancing with the whole group at once…. Like the guy on the cover in the hot tub.

  4. “an exception to this is a woman that has a kidney or bladder problem.”

    “Hey, goodlooking, I’ve noticed you’ve made a lot of trips to the little girls room. Are you drunk or do you have a kidney problem? Drunk. Awright!”

    Who bought this one in the first place?

  5. Ugh, what a disgusting book! Please tell me this is tongue in cheek and actually entirely about what NOT to do. Please, please, please… [as I go into fetal position]
    I’m going to have nightmares with 70s porno music playing as the cover model – hairy bare chest, mustache, bizarrely styled head of hair, and all – follows me around my dream world, drink in hand, asking if I’m drunk enough yet.

  6. “An exception to this is a woman who has a kidney or bladder problem.” Love it.

  7. I think this is one of the most awful and hilarious books you’ve had on this site.

    Next time I go to a bar, I am going to make numerous trips to the bathroom to see if the creepy man hanging out by the bathroom door can guess if I am “loaded” or if I have a kidney problem.

  8. Oh my gosh. The dude is still handing out dating advice. Look up his name in Google. It’s him – he still has the same awful hairstyle. Shudder.

  9. That is the most disgusting library book I’ve ever seen. How in heck did it ever get into a library?

  10. This explains why in Vegas I always get mauled by some drunk guy. And here I thought it was the beer goggles! I have chronic bladder & kidney problems since I was a child and my pupils are naturally larger then average so people have mistakenly thought I was high!

    Don, you’re a dead man.

  11. There’s also a typo in the first sentence. It makes me wonder if the author was excited when he wrote this chapter.

  12. I think this was really written in the ’70’s by those two, “wild and crazy guys” from SNL, George and Yortuk Festrunk., aka Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd.

  13. Per his website, Mr. Diebel is also the author of “How To Pick Up A Topless Dancer.”

  14. i’m reminded of the ‘let’s get some f___in’ FRAAANCH toast!’ chick in ’40 y/o virgin’.

  15. Aw, come one, let’s see the chapter on Asian mail order brides. If it’s anything like the examples above, it’s gotta be great!

  16. 1991?!? The cover looks so late 70’s it HURTS! Which idiot publisher decided it was a good idea to unleash this mess upon society?

  17. omg this looks more like something from Animal Planet. The next book could be “The Care and Feeding of Women”


  18. This one had to have been a donation, no self respecting librarian would have spent library funds on such an item. However, someone did catalog it, so shame on them! Possibly the worst book ever written…

  19. even his name is perfect: don diebel. (i’m seeing dan aykroyd as e. buzz miller here.)

  20. Ew. Ew. Ew.

    From his website:
    “we were all put on this earth for a reason and purpose. I feel that I was put on this earth to help men succeed with women.”

  21. The whole book deserves to be a Website itself. It would be satire without being satire. It would be scared straight without trying to be scared straight. Very meta!

    1. It’s kind of hard to totally diss him as some of his stuff is actually good advice, like not trying to convert a woman to your beliefs and keeping you car clean. But then he’s got all these things like ads for pheromones and music that “programs” her to want a you. How can a guy have good advice and still be a slimy little worm at the same time?

  22. There are three libraries in the Country with this book.
    Library of Congress
    Saint Louis Public Library
    Kansas City Public Library

    Check out this Amazon review.
    Jim Salmon
    4 of 7 people found this review helpful
    “Anyone who struggles with meeting a women or keeping her interested in him, lives with an empty feeling inside, as if he were an outcast. I know, because I was one of these unfortunate guys when I was in high school. Then I discovered a website, made by people who are dedicated to helping men find…
    Read more… Read more…
    Anyone who struggles with meeting a women or keeping her interested in him, lives with an empty feeling inside, as if he were an outcast. I know, because I was one of these unfortunate guys when I was in high school. Then I discovered a website, made by people who are dedicated to helping men find that special women, and Don Diebel is president. This website, unlike others, has lots of advice for guys who aspire to get girls. I also learned about “The Complete Guide to Meeting Women” there. After I purchased the book, it took only a couple of weeks to become one of the friendliest guys a girl could meet. I don’t mean to brag about myself, but I could never have done so well without this book. I am currently seeing two girls, and believe it or not, it is nowhere near as hard to meet girls as you might think. Thank you, Don Diebel. Your book has helped me so much, and it is one of the best investments any man could make.”


    1. EEEEW!!!! I hate thinking my city has this awful book! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew… *Shudders*

  23. I love the dirty fingerprints all over the “The High and Loaded Woman” page. Somebody clearly had a snack and studied that section carefully.

  24. “it makes your prey easier to catch”

    I’ve got some better tips for meeting women, starting with this one:

    1. Think of and treat women as human beings, not prey.

    Please tell me this book was a parody, a satire, anything but earnest.

  25. An entrepreneurial lawyer should put their card in this book, because i am pretty sure that taking advantage of a drugged woman is illegal

  26. Swiss Tony eat your heart out…taking out this library book is very much like making love to a beautiful woman…..

  27. A woman would have to be really drunk to go home that guy. Loved the “As seen in TV.”

  28. The worst thing is this was printed to help guys!!!
    If any guys read this,they’d be doing jail time for the “get her drunk routine”….

  29. The Game by Neil Strauss is the same kind of book and it hit the bestseller list.

  30. Checking out the Amazon page, I see this is now available in a Kindle edition — which includes a “Free Bonus: “How to Enlarge Your Penis” ”

    Don has obviously been Dumpster-diving in my spam folder.

  31. Wasn’t it Frank Zappa who said ‘It’s easy to get laid. You just have to lower your standards enough.’

    How come all the nice librarian readers here know what ’70s porn music’ sounds like? I hope it’s just from seeing ‘Boogey Nights’, not from having ever watched any REAL 70s porn…

    1. What’s wrong with that? I watched one recently just out of curiosity that was actually good. It was a musical porno from 1976 based on Alice In Wonderland. Prudish virgin librarian Alice ends up in Wonderland after following a white rabbit through the looking glass. I read a review on IMDB where the reviewer actually broke the segments in the movie down to the sexual stages we all go through growing up.

      Actual plot, decent acting, catchy musical numbers – not bad for a porno. Now granted, I’m not a porn lover. I find the whole thing boring. But it made me wonder if 70s pornos haven’t gotten a bad rap.

      1. Please don’t tell me about the giant hookah-smoking caterpillar and the disappearing, er, cat.

      2. Those weren’t in there, actually. The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Queen & King Of Hearts, and some people that weren’t in the original such as Humpty Dumpty – it wasn’t Humpty that fell but something else – and some critters I can’t remember the names of. Also talking rocks.

  32. This has been one of the most interesting discussions I have read so far from this blog- quite a trail of thought and response.

    Wasn’t it mainstream to like the hairy-chested, mustache guy? Magnum P.I.? And wasn’t this a offshoot of free love from the 60s and 70s? Haven’t we come so far with what we consider respectable or legal behavior? Or really, do we just pretend?

    I was talking with a guy a couple of weeks ago that I work with and coincidentally saw in a bar. He detailed his whole plan to me. He plays quiet and maybe even a little coy, ignoring the girls. He presumes that the girls, being so “preyed” (and as an avid people-watcher, I saw a lot of this) upon by the other guys, will flock to him and feel “safe” with him. He accounts that getting into girls heads is so easy it scares him sometimes.

    So, porn music from the 70s and 20/20 hindsight aside, it seems to me that not only are guys still using the same old tricks, but its working. I don’t think it matters if this book stays on the shelves or not, the guys who read it and used it (or heard about it from them) are still molding, raising, and teaching little boys and young guys who will listen.

    To each his own- be weary!

  33. We obviously need more of these types of books…funny comments.
    Well it’s true that there are still types of guys who prey on little girls…and naive women…there needs to be a companion book for young women to wake up,and I don’t mean a just a “how to guide to black belt karate”.

  34. He’s got great suggestions on his blog, as well. For instance, when you talk a girl for the first time you should put on some soft music and “give her your favorite exotic scrambled egg recipe “…

  35. Sorry, but who are you to judge when you have such reprehensible attitudes yourself? “…with that carpet of hair like on the cover? Um…EW”. Yeah, that’s how men are. This is like a man saying “Women who don’t have all their body hair removed? Urgh, gross!”.

    It’s a sad, cosmetics-industry attitude that has blighted women for years, and unfortunately seems to be increasingly directed towards men by those same women, who seem set on sharing the pressure to conform to some weird pre-pubescent body image ideal. You should be strong enough to rise above it.

  36. If you followed his advice in 2012 you could get charged with rape. In Australia a woman is deemed incapable of giving consent if she is `loaded’. I’m amazed he doesn’t suggest drink spiking to get a bit.

  37. I have never laughed so hard. What is so sad, is this is so true, in the “70’s”. Why it got published in the 90’s. The comments are great and the book is just ….unbelivable.