The Boy Who Looked like LincolnThe Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln

Submitter: (Warning… 12 year old boy humor alert : ) This book is about an unusual looking boy whose parents send him away to camp where he meets other unusual looking children & realizes he’s ok.  So heartwarming, right? Nope.  We were asked to weed this book from our elementary school library because a parent complained a character’s illustrated nose looked like a penis.  I’m not even kidding! It probably doesn’t help that the character’s name is ‘Dickie’ (he is a boy who looks like Richard Nixon).  I guess we won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.

Holly: Our favorite type of humor! This is a weird book, and the nose does look like a penis, but that doesn’t make it weed-worthy.  Do the kids like it? Does it circulate? Also, I like how the complaining parent is more concerned about the penis nose than the kid whose face looks like a horse’s a$$.

Camp What-cha-ma-call-it

boy looks like back of a horse

Baby looks like Nixon


  1. That complaining parent must suffer from the Time-Life syndrome: a lot of time on their hands and no life!

    1. Those parents must be pretty young not to recognize Richard Nixon! I hope the submitter didn’t weed the book because of that stupid request. I don’t even think it does look like a penis. But then, I don’t think the other kids look like Lincoln or the rear end of a horse, either.

      1. What makes you think they didn’t recognize Nixon? One could recognize Nixon and think the nose is stretched out a bit too far.

  2. I’ve heard people say “This kid’s face looks like the rear end of a horse” but I’ve never literally seen it before. Compared to the Richard Nixon baby, he actually looks pretty good. 🙂

  3. I think the Dickie boy looks just like Nixon—so just what is the problem??! And you would really HAVE to want to see a penis for that nose to look like a penis.

  4. Really hard to make out the intended audience here. A kid reading a picture book isn’t going to get the whole Nixon/tape recorder thing, and at this point neither would most of their parents. Not to mention the horse kid playing horseshoes and the Lincoln kid playing badminton with “birdies” in his hat.

    1. Seriously! I guess you’d have to keep it for a while because it was challenged, but who is the audience? Do you read this aloud to your kid at bedtime? What’s the point? You’d have to keep explaining political history! There’s some underlying message about accepting others, but it’s been done, and probably better. Unless there’s a big “unit”–as in classroom learning unit–about acceptance, etc., you don’t need to keep them ALL.

  5. I think the kid on the cover looks more like a penis than Lil’ Nixon! Look a the kid on the right side of the cover, whose entire head seems to be a giant nose. Look at the way the light reflects off the edge of the nose and the nostrils. That looks the most like genitals to me.

  6. I really hope that single parent’s complaint was not enough to take this book off the shelves. Every library should have a formal procedure through which book challenges are evaluated.

    If it was weeded for being outdated, irrelevant, or noncirculating, fine. Otherwise, this was censorship.

  7. One complaint, no review process and the librarian is ready to pull it? I bought this book for myself because of the humor and then shared it with my high school teachers. They also enjoyed the insane humor and some even used it in their classroom. (Regarding ‘Dickie’s nose’: no one ever noticed it.)

  8. This may be intended as political satire aimed at adults, rather than a real children’s book. (The kid that looks like Donald Trump will REALLY have a problem.)

  9. If that nose looks like a penis… My, you lucky girl. The recording equipment makes sense. Watergate puns galore just flooded my mind. i am obviously not the intended audience.

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