Submitter: This book has some amazing quotes, I just have to share a few of our favorites. Woefully out of date! But fun to look back at.

  • “You are anxious that you haven’t heard from your teenaged son, wandering around Europe on holiday.”
  • “Your head has been covered with a wig more than three hours.”
  • “If you score 80 to 100, you’re probably better-looking than most of your contemporaries. Congratulations!”

Holly: Oh good, a write-in section for patrons to mark up in pen. I’m impressed that didn’t happen 40 years ago, actually.

anti-stress exercise

stressor quiz

Fitness IQ

Six Minutes to Bodypower

discovering your energy waves

predict sex of unborn child

self realization


  1. I’m pretty sure that “(page 000)” was just a placeholder and they messed up by not filling in the final page number.

  2. Of course it’s quackery. For 35 years I worked for Franz Halberg, the father of chronobiology, i.e. the study of the body’s true rhythms, and he’d have been the first to dismiss Thommen’s biorhythms as total baloney

  3. Oh dear, I started answering those 7 questions above in the ‘Self Realization’ chapter….now I want to know what that says about me!

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