Bodacious Documents!

bodacious borders

Bodacious Borders

Are you looking to make your reports more bodacious? Look no further! You can jazz up your reports with a variety of borders. With a copy machine, and some rubber cement, transform your documents into something special.

Prior to the widespread use of programs such as Photoshop and word processing, combining graphics and text was difficult. It also wasn’t practical for most people.  (Those of us of a certain age might remember the dittos, which predates all of this. Raise your hand if you remember inhaling that new ditto smell.)

So, for that next report, think about making your next document a bit more bodacious with this helpful book.

If you need me, I will be busy un-jamming a printer.


P.S. About the time I found this book, I actually had a patron try and do something similar with the copy machine. Once I showed her some computer options, she was thrilled. Libraries FTW.

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    1. I had to learn how in graduate school — we had to distribute copies of our papers for all those in a seminar. I remember the purple fingers, and the irritation of trying to make corrections on a stencil.

  1. As a zine editor from this period I have two comments:
    1) Get a glue stick! There was no reason to be messing with rubber cement in 1992.
    2) Those are some butt-ugly graphics.

    1. There was totally a reason to be messing with rubber cement in 1992! I edited a high school newspaper circa 1992 and rubber cement was great because 1) you could reposition things and 2) it has a fun texture. Plus it smelled interesting.

  2. Maybe you could repurpose this as a coloring book for little kids? They’ll color anything…

  3. We had ditto machines in elementary school up until I was in the 5th or 6th grade. Talking about them reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin’s dad is talking about what escalators were like when he was a kid, and how they had a lot more personalty the the slick modern metal ones. Calvin then worries that when he grows up the things he experiences now will become stories with no point to them. lol

    1. I wonder if they were like the wooden slat ones with sloping steps that they had in the Boston subway until fairly recently?

      1. At least as of 2015 the Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan still had wooden escalators in the upper floors.

    2. I remember that one!! (quick check) May 25, 1995. I’ll never have a son/daughter to play Calvin to my “Dad”-ing, but feel like I’ve always been closer to him than his son.

  4. I did lay out and paste up work for several amateur publications during the 1970s. that was the age of waxed boards, x-acto knives and one coat rubber cement. It was not a period I miss much.

    Yes, I remember the smell of dittos in the morning. Don’t miss that either.

  5. I loved the new ditto smell when I was a kid. I did not love the purple ink that got all over my hands.

    Also, those graphics are hideous and inappropriate outside of kindergarten or Vacation Bible School.

  6. I also loved that smell – it was called a Banda machine in the UK but Wikipedia says it’s the same as a ditto machine in the US. In infant school once (aged about 6) we were allowed to run some copies off on the Banda and it was one of the most memorable things I ever did there.

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