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Quilted Clothing

As a half-baked fan of sewing and quilting, I can appreciate the skills that these examples show off. I can also appreciate that they are warm enough for the toughest winters. I recognize that my uniform of dresses and cardigans for work hardly make me a fashionista, even among librarians. I still have to say no to wearing a blanket.

Actually, some of these patterns and color choices would make interesting quilts. However, a nice quilt doesn’t necessarily translate into a great fashion choice. This is right up there with my dislike of remade sweatshirts. (Type sweatshirts into our search box and behold the numerous examples of questionable clothing.) Most of these vests would only work as a themed restaurant uniform or hosting a bake sale at a church (as long as you paired them with some mom jeans.)

Let’s make a rule that quilts belong on beds.


back cover

quilted vests


dresses and tunic




  1. The Turkish-style coat on the cover (the one on the right) looks nice and warm and cozy. My biggest beef with this book is that many of the items aren’t quilted. I see a lot of Seminole-style piecing and applique, which are perfectly fine techniques, but they aren’t quilting.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I am not a sewer and I was puzzled by the lack of actual quilted items.

  2. That white dress the lady is wearing is the most wearable of the lot – and my fashionista wife would still set it on fire!

  3. Bed quilts are wonderful, indeed. But consider these: wall hangings, placemats, table runners, tote bags, and mug rugs. When I was on the ALA Executive Board I (along with colleague JSH) made 20 book shelf-themed wall hangings for the outgoing EB members, ourselves included. I had mine professionally appraised — replacement value $600.

  4. In the early 70’s I would have loved a dress like the one on the lady with the watering can and ceramic curly horned goat.

    1. It’s a bit off for trends of 1982, though. Agreed than in 1968-1974 it would have been very stylish.

  5. That’s way too much work to clothe my scarecrow.

    The vests are kinda frightening.

    Is that a red-pink-purple quilted sweatshirt? Is Mary screaming in horror at it?

    I’m all right with the white shirt with yoke and cuffs.

  6. I can see myself using some of these for cosplay purposes. Especially that white dress shirt with the brown and tan trim. But for anything other than costuming? No thanks.

    1. I’d have worn that shirt when this was published.

      Notice how everyone’s picking the white clothes — the ones with the least foofraw done to them.

      1. Well, except for the vest on the back of the book which I could use for a general 80s character I can’t see anything else that would work for the cosplay ideas I have. At least not in the colors they’re in. Maybe in shades of green and purple some might work for my Hippie Riddler idea. But as they stand now, that men’s shirt is the only thing I can see that might work for a cosplay.

  7. They keep the air conditioning at the library where I work set at just slightly above the North Pole so I would definitely wear a quilted blanket jacket! I don’t care how ugly it is!

  8. that white dress with applique is pretty awesome.
    the rest of this stuff needs to be hung in the field for the birds to pick at.

  9. The one on the right, last picture, would be an acceptable winter housecoat. Throw it over your jammies to get the coffee started, and no one but your family ever sees it.

    1. Everyone at my last job wore blankets at their desks. The office was a converted warehouse turned open-plan office, so it was COLD.

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