Black and Sober

black and sober

I’m Black and I’m Sober: A Minister’s Daughter Tells Her Story About Fighting the Disease of Alcoholism – and Winning

Submitter: A private mental health library recently closed and I went over to select titles for my library. While these didn’t make the cut for inclusion in our collection, I had to swipe them for my personal use.  Here is some text from the back of the awesomely titled I’m Black and I’m Sober:

What was it like to grow up Black and hungry in a strict, loving Alabama minister’s family during the Depression? And how did the only daughter of a man of God feel when she turned out to be a DRUNK?

Holly: Why would a mental health library still have this in its collection?  Did they close because no one used the library because they had stuff like this in their collection?

This makes a good point.  Libraries of all kinds are closing all over America.  We have to be useful to our funders in order to be viable when they start making cuts.  People don’t visit or check out materials from libraries with old collections.

To quote CREW: “Crew continues to caution, however, that lack of funds to replace outdated or worn items is never an excuse for not weeding.”






  1. “I’m Black and I’m Sober. Which is so rare, they had to write a book about it.”
    No. Wait. That didn’t sound right….. Let’s rethink the subtitle…

  2. It souds like a good book ruined by a stupid title and that means a stupid editor. But us PK’s do have a rep.

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