Birth Defects from Drugs

drugs and birth defects

Drugs and Birth Defects
Schniderman and Hurwitz

Another choice from the Drug Abuse Prevention Library. I’ve lost count of how many have appeared on our site. This series had a ridiculous number of volumes. (There are probably more but you can find a couple of examples here, here, and here.) We also have the companion book about fetal alcohol syndrome.

Again we have weird stock photos that are barely in context and a bleak story of drug abuse. All of our stories feature teens that essentially ruined their lives. Coincidentally, the “dads” of these babies are either not in the picture or worse, not responsible for any of this. Note the caption of the photo on the first image below. This book features the mother’s side and the role of the father of these babies is not even considered.

The more I look at these books, the more I am convinced that this series is a waste of library money and trees.


woman by a window

drugs that affect babies

passed out on a bed

woman and a baby

baby sleeping

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  1. Is the girl in the color photo even pregnant or on drugs?

    I was neither as a teen, and even now I occasionally fall asleep in positions like that.

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