Bicentennial Beef

Bicentennial Beef cover

The Bicentennial Beef Cookbook
The 100 Greatest Beef Dishes of America’s First 200 Years
Beef Industry Council

I was in high school at the time of the never to be forgotten US Bicentennial. Just about every product made seemed to issue a special bicentennial version of whatever was produced. I imagine this cookbook was probably one of a thousand “special” cookbooks published in honor of the bicentennial. (I posted last year about a Bicentennial leftover from my own weeding project.)

As you can see from the totally appetizing pictures, you are really missing some serious culinary highlights in meat. Remember the subtitle is The 100 Greatest Beef Dishes of America’s first 200 years. I can imagine that great historical moment when George Washington begs Martha to make Blanketed Meat Loaf after that tough winter at Valley Forge.

Let’s hope there are better recipes when the tricentennial happens in 2076.


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  1. “Loaf in a Loaf” sounds like a beefy version of Turducken or something.

    I remember the Bicentennial…and how our poor teachers in junior high told us we had to do a special project relating the class content to the nation’s history. Yes. Even in math class.

    1. It’s Loaf-ception!

      The previous one was even worse, you had to make your own damn crust to wrap the loaf in.

      I “like” how they padded out the page count by throwing in random food quotes (not even American) and plenty of white space.

      Like @chris above, the word “Bicentennial” brings back bad school memories. And also scary visions of sooo much red white and blue polyester.

  2. What the hell is that thing in the second picture supposed to be? It looks like some pumpkin-spice thing, but I hope no one was crazy enough to combine that with beef.

    1. I think the orange bits are day-glo waxy unmeltable domestic cheez product, and the white is probably potatoes, roughly mashed?

      That’s my guess as someone who is reminded of 70s food all-too-often here.

      1. Ah. Thank you. Mercifully, I have no memories of the Bicentennial, since I was only 1 1/2 then.

        1. White stuff might also be rice.

          But I stand firm on the orange wax cheez.

          (Not Velveeta, because that at least does melt.)

  3. The best “blanketing” around has nothing to do with cook[ing] but is in the law library at Pacetti v. State (of Georgia), 1888:
    A social, genial gentleman, fond of company and a glass, by occupation a cigar-maker, who keeps his sleeping apartment with the doors “blanketed” in a fit condition for privately gaming therein, and who invites his friends at night to refresh themselves with beer, but has in the room, besides barrels and bottles, a table suitable for gaming, together with eleven packs of cards and two boxes of “chips,” one containing eighty chips and the other three hundred, and a memorandum book with names and numbers entered in it, and whose guests, or some of them, retire hurriedly under the bed on being surprised by a visit from the police at one o’clock in the morning, may or may not be guilty of the offense of keeping a gaming-house. A verdict of guilty based on these and other inculpatory facts, such as the rattle of chips and money, and some expressions about seven dollars and twelve dollars heard by the police on approaching the premises, is warranted by the evidence, and is not contrary to law.

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