Beyond Counting Sheep

Games for Insomniacs coverGames for Insomniacs

Submitter: The inside flap says that Fuller amassed the “most popular, most challenging (most irritating?) games for his delightful new book.” Library staff who examined this book agreed with most irritating. The book had not left the shelves in at least eight years. It’s a mystery how this book managed to escape previous weeding attempts, but its days are numbered!

Mary: I guess the “joke” is that if you can’t sleep, these puzzles will frustrate (torture) you until you fall asleep. The other theory is that it will turn you into an insomniac since you just can’t fall asleep because these puzzles are interesting. I am going with option one.


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second page of contents

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fun with words

more fun with words

still more fun with words


  1. I guess I’m just THAT obsessed with word play, because I’m off to search for a used copy of this …

  2. the had had had had thing gives me a had ache.
    has counting sheep ever actually worked for anybody?

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