Better Sex Naturally

Better Sex Naturally coverBetter Sex Naturally: A Consumer’s Guide to Herbs and Other Natural Supplements That Can Jump Start Your Sex Life
Meletis and Fitzgerald

Submitter:  I agree it probably has its place in a public library, I just didn’t expect my small town library to have this in their collection. I actually flipped through it […] and there are specific chapters for men and women. The [last] picture was submitted because of the dog-eared page. I’m guessing someone wanted to circle back to that section?

The content itself is probably useful for a public library and it seems to cover a lot of various topics to “spice up” your sex life. It even included sections about eating a healthy diet along with exercise to compliment the suggested Herbs and Natural Supplements mentioned in the book. There was no table of contents which I found frustrating and odd. If I’m checking this book out from the library, I’d like to be able to flip to the “good” parts of the book by using the table of contents. The book did include a glossary which would be helpful for those who don’t know what half of the terms used were. The index at the end was pretty decent though, it covered everything from Acetylcholine (I needed to check the glossary) to Zinc. The book even went so far as to include a list of companies and organizations to research for more information. For those who are curious Acetylcholine is a chemical neurotransmitter that sends impulses between nerves and muscles.

Holly: The only real issue I have with this book is its age. It’s 20 years old.  It’s dog-eared, as submitter says, and while some (even most) of the information *may* be accurate twenty years later, anything remotely health-related should at least be looked at regularly after about five years. For example, there’s a section in the second image below about Yohimbe. A quick search of the googles tells me that “Yohimbe products containing man-made yohimbine hydrochloride as an ingredient are not legal to sell as a dietary supplement in the US.” I didn’t double-check the Physician’s Desk Reference as the page below indicates…but patrons won’t either.

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Contradindicated: Smoking

The Grandfather of Viagra

Saw Palmetto


  1. And then there are results saying Yohimbe is in fact still in supplements. Who’s right?

  2. Well, how often has it been circulated of late? Factor that in!

    It seems to me that attempting to find it “inaccurate” based on a narrowly-focused interpretation of one specific recommendation is a bit harsh. If you think that’s inaccurate, I dare you to screen the “New Age” and “alternative medicine” books with that level of scrutiny!

    1. Religion (under whatever name) is rightly excused from that because it talks of things that no one knows about. Alternative medicine, however, should absolutely be expected to adhere to a baseline of some kind. Preferably more than the minimum of “do no harm”, but not less than it.

  3. Leaving medical qualms for geography, who got away with writing that Congo (either), Gabon, and Cameroon are in West Africa?

    1. I don’t understand the objection, since they are all closer to the Atlantic than the Pacific (most are Atlantic coastal). Are you saying that only nations west of Libya qualify?

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