Better Red Than Dead

No Place to HideNo Place to Hide
Fallout Shelters-Fact and Fiction
Melman, Ed.

Here is another Cold War Gem! This paperback is more a compilation of the current political and military consequences of nuclear annihilation. This book is more about the feasibility and politics of a civil defense program than any specific recommendations. Topics range from survive-ability of a first strike to the actual costs associated with a national program. For the average citizen considering a bomb shelter, not really all that helpful.  (It is also worth mentioning that the condition of this paperback was pathetic!)

Civil defense is a worthwhile topic, especially since the recent, particularly devastating tornado in Oklahoma, but I think a library should be able to upgrade to something better than recycled info from the Cold War.


No Place to Hide back cover

No Place to Hide front flap

Feiffer's story

Surburban Civil Defense story


  1. Strikes me as appropriate this was “A Black Cat Book”. One of these crossing your path is BAD luck for your collection’s relevancy.

  2. But… I need this one for a Common Core nonfiction piece to read with Todd Strasser’s new book, Fallout. Set in the same year, I think!

  3. I am struck by its “sounding an alarm about the erosion of traditional values…by civil defense programs.” How could fallout shelter construction, etc. possibly affect values??

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