Best of 2019

I am having some trouble recognizing that it is actually the end of 2019.  It feels like yesterday that summer reading finished. Well, here we are at the end of 2019, and I am ready to comment on the best worst books for the year.

This year was tough. After 10 years of postings, this year felt a bit light. However, we did have quite a few that stood out from the pack. Please enjoy the list and if you have any favorites for the year, please share in the comments.

Mary and Holly


Having Babies by Bums cover

Babies by Bums

This is probably my winner because of the self proclaimed “bastard” that wrote this book. Also, the creepy looking cover art made this a slam dunk for the best of the worst.

Mime Ministry cover

God Loves Mimes

My trifecta of evil is mimes, clowns, and puppets. Mimes are just frustrating. Maybe because I know they will never get out of the invisible box. Not that I don’t appreciate the skill set, but seriously, how does this help the cause of Christianity?

Poison! Beware! Cover

Poison beware

I am all about avoiding poison. This book makes me think that poison is going to leap out and grab you.

Illinois Governors cover

Governing the Prairie State

This is my personal favorite for 2019. The subtitle of “mostly good and competent” made me laugh so hard. The author was trying to be diplomatic and positive, when it is nearly impossible. Also, “mostly”? That is a pretty low bar. As a native of the Prairie State, I totally want a copy of this one.

Delightful Decorations

Our category of craft books is pretty awful.  This book is probably the best of the worst. The decorations are so bad, that this book should probably be given its own category.  ALB is not responsible for any trauma associated with viewing this book.

a woman's guide to fixing the car

Liberated Lady’s guide to cars:

A real liberated lady knows how a car works. You just need a guy to explain it to you and give it a pink and purple cover.

Job fun

This Job Should be Fun

Fun? Really?

hair of the alien

Alien Hair

Who doesn’t want to read about alien hair?


  1. I nominate the Illinois governors book for first place in the Worst (and funniest) Subtitle category!

  2. Just looking at the mimes and part of the cover wording jumped out at me.
    “… oraganizing, *programming* and training a group of Christian mimes.” Programming?? Brainwashing cult, anyone? Lol!

  3. Some splendid choices there, but mad books expecting me to believe delusional people that think they have been kidnapped by aliens are always going to win for me.

  4. Oh my goodness, that Mime Ministry book! My public library had that when I was growing up, and I checked it out several times in the 1990’s. Ah, memories!

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