Best of 2015 Part 1

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2015 is nearly gone, and one of the rules of the Internet is to do a best/worst list for the year. We hope you will add your particular favorites in the comments.

We hope you have time to relax this holiday. All the patrons, the bookdrop and printer jams will be waiting for you in 2016. (Click here to see part 2 of this list.)


Lady Advice for 2015

To begin with, we have some great advice on how to be that perfect woman and nab yourself a perfect man. These books are your ticket to eternal happiness and nice hair. A little primping here and there and your man will love you forever.

How to be Attractive

How to be attractive cover

Fascinating Womanhood

Fascinating Womanhood cover

How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man

Zsa Zsa Gabor - cover

Boy Stuff

Even though self-improvement books skew toward the ladies in our collection, 2015 did see some nice advice for the man about town.

Sewing for Men and Boys

Sewing for Men and Boys cover

Beefcake Jocks

Jocks cover

Advice from the Department of God

Why isn’t God Giving Cash Prizes?

Why isn't God Giving Cash Prizes?

Jogging With Jesus

Jogging with Jesus cover

A Woman’s World

A woman's world

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