A Year of Awful: Best of 2011

It is that time of year when we share the best of 2011.  These top posts are the ones that got us the most comments or just happen to tickle us the most.  By all means please share your favorites with us.

Make a resolution for 2012 to weed and maintain your collections and of course share the crazy stuff with us at submit(at)awfullibrarybooks.net

Happy Holidays and Peace for 2012

Mary and Holly

PS. If you want to compare to last year’s “winners,”  click here to read the best of 2010.

Chicks, Man

How to Be Outrageously Successful with the Opposite Sex

uccessful with the opposite sex

Crips and Bloods

Introducing Issues With (Opposing Viewpoints)
Barbour, ed.

Gangs - cover


Ozzie Made Me Do It

Rock’s Hidden Persuader: The Truth About Backmasking
Peters, Peters, and Merrill

Rock's Hidden Persuader cover

Like a Living Doll 

Kids Clothes by Meredith Gladstone: A Sewing Book


“You are such a tight-ass”

How to Good-bye Depression: If you constrict anus 100 times everyday. Malarkey? Or Effective Way?

Good-bye depression cover


Be Bold With Bananas

Be Bold with Bananas
Banana Control Board

Be Bold with Bananas cover

Wait for it, because the best picture is this one:

banana candle

Glorious Macrame

Macrame Accessories: Patterns and Ideas for Knotting

Macrame Accessories cover


The Jerry Sandusky Story

From the most unfortunate title for a memoir category.

touched Jerry Sandusky story


Why Cats Paint
Why Cats Paint: a theory of feline aesthetics
Busch and Silver

What are librarians without our feline friends?

why cats paint


  1. Effective way? Malarkey! I’m going to be depressed untill we goodbye that book by weeding 100 times.

  2. Macrame Accessories was my choice at the time, and I think it has held up well as a jaw-dropper. Still love Why Cats Paint, too.

    I think I missed the Russian phrasebook the first time around. Whoa, asking people who should be LIQUIDATED? Better make sure you know what you’re really saying–a slip of the tongue could be very dangerous!

  3. You do realise that the book ‘Why Cats Paint’ is in fact a satire, and is part of a set of three that also consists of Dancing With Cats and Why Paint Cats?
    The three books were intended to mock both those who take themselves and ‘art’ too seriously, and those who endow animals with human qualities.

  4. Actually “Why Cats Paint” is hilarious – a very witty satire, I have a copy and wouldn’t part with it.

  5. Add me to the fans of “Why Cats Paint.” I loved it — bought it for my sister. I thought it was hilarious. Unless it’s just not circulating, I can’t see why on earth you’d weed it.

  6. Another fan of “Why Cats Paint” here – it’s a lovely satire. Like Anita I have a copy and wouldn’t part with it for anything.

    As for “Be bold with bananas” – as a New Zealander I cringe to learn that it originated from New Zealand. That being said, I would love to own a copy to add to my vintage cookbook collection.

  7. We “Why cats paint” fans are rising up here. I am a New Zealander, but bought this book in McMaster University’s bookshop (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) just because I liked the look of it. Having later discovered that it was created by two of my fellow NZers, I was overjoyed! I can now see lots of NZ-ness in the photos. It’s a fab book. I treasure my copy and have bought two others to give to cat-loving friends as gifts. Mary and Holly – are you sure you didn’t mean to put this on the ‘best of’ list?

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