Our Favorites for 2010

It’s that time of year!  It is the law of the Internet that you must do a “best of the year” list.  So with great deliberation and intense scientific analysis (3 emails and a couple of cocktails), we present the best of ALB for 2010. By all means share your favorites as well.

Art of Nightmare?

Miracle Anne Geddes photos

Partying Horses?

Latawnya the naughty horse

Perfecting your “come hither” look

To boldly go where no poetry has gone before…

Bom Chicka Bow Wow

Pam’s Hot Tub

Pam's Hot Tub

The Bandit Bares it!

and more  Bandit bares it!

He Stoked a Gently Growing Fire

Romance Writers Phrase Book cover

Living in the Future

Have you heard the one about…


  1. You couldn’t resist those extra pages of barely-clad Bandit, could you? My New Year’s Resolution: create a brain bleach that actually works!

  2. The 2010 books seems like it would be an entertaining read. Oddly enough it’s for sale on Amazon as “2011: Living in the Future.”

  3. I’ll have to go through the backfile to see what my favorites are, but I will note that 2010 got a mention from the BBC! http://www . bbc . co . uk/news/magazine-12058575

  4. Hurray for the Celine Dion book ! Definitely the most horrible thing I have seen on ALB. And the sweet taste of irony when you realize that it is actually far more recent than the other books !

    The Nimoy poetry collection is also a favourite.

  5. Gotta go with the top 2 picks – ‘Miracle’ may be the single most horrific thing ever unleashed upon an unsuspecting public, and what could possibly match the sheer awesomeness of Latawnya, the junkie horse?

    1. The Satan books were all 2009 but if you find some more (In some ways I hope you don’t!) by all means send them to us.

  6. Latawnya wins, hands (hooves?) down. First, the name; second, the horrid illustrations; third, the sheer absurdity of dialog and “plot”. We have fallen off the awful boat into a sea of ridiculousness.
    Happy Holidays!

  7. These are outstanding choices…especially the guide to meeting women, for my money; just the creepy cover alone makes it an awful library book. However, I would have found a place for the Beatles and Communism book! That was absolutely amazingly awful in so many ways.

  8. I have to go with Don’s “how to commit date-rape” book as the best of the worse. And here’s hoping Don spends 2011 in jail!

  9. I only found this blog in November – right around the Celine Dion entry, in fact. So I missed the Burt Reynolds posts. Those pictures are now floating in my head like a kind of nightmare. I can’t believe Burt Reynolds’ bum is in anyone’s library. I think those pics will haunt me. Thanks ALB!

  10. Holy Moly ! I just saw the Latawnya book… I first came to visit this blog after it was originally posted so I missed this one… And yes, it is definitely a win !

    I laughed for minutes and when I finally calmed down, I browsed the comments… And sincerely, the author’s own comments were even more hilarious than the book itself ! Never mind if she is really the author or someone posing at her.

  11. I feel like I have to stick up for the Burt Reynolds books, because the tone of the letters showed Reynolds (and his staff) had a good sense of humour about his fame, and because he was nice to the gay guy that wrote in. Having said that, those photos….aaaaaaaaaargh!!

  12. “Latawnya” is the best! My brother told me about it before it was even posted on this site. I didn’t believe him (I mean, come on, “There’s a kids’ book about a horse who smokes cigarettes and does drugs!” doesn’t sound very believable) until he showed me pictures on the Internet. We agreed it was awesome in a bad way. IT WINS!

    Ugh, that Anne Geddes/Celine Dion book. Two people creepily obsessed with babies, posing them as vegetables? Yeah, I’ll pass, thanks.

    While they are bad and should be weeded, I get a laugh out of all the computer books published in or before the 1980s that make computers look like futuristic robots that will kill you in your sleep. My favorite was the one called “You Bought a WHAT?” I just loved the tone. YOU BOUGHT A COMPUTER??!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, MAN?!! IT’S MADNESS! MADNESS!!!

  13. For New Year’s Eve, I’m putting on my jumpsuit, my homemade Polish lingerie peeking out seductively. I’ll pony up to the bar, my fuschia gloss lipstick gleaming in the blacklight. Burt’s eyes will rake boldly over me, and after the ball drops…we’ll head home to the hot tub to wistfully recite poetry…

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