Best Cover Art of 2018

 Glamourpuss coverGlamourpuss
Because cats in wigs

So, 2018 is coming to a close. (Didn’t Summer Reading just finish up?) Holly and I have a few best of lists out for the coming days. We would love you to share your favorites as well.

Because cover art is a big deal to me, we are going to start with my favorites for 2018. Cover art can make or break a book. The whole “don’t judge a book¬† by it’s cover” statement is kind of irritating. While this could be true, the cover art is what makes a person actually pick up a book. My job is to get books into people’s hands, so I want something that will get folks reading!

Short answer: this librarian totally judges a book by the cover and my favorites for 2018 are listed below. (Yes, my personal biases of anything cats, aliens, retro are reflected in my choices.) Click on the links in red to read the original posts. Share your favorites in the comments.


alien contact

Get Ready for Your Alien Date
Some very close encounters

trip beyond cover

What a Trip!
The 1970s all in one delicious cover!

why not smoke cover

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Retro cool and cigarettes!