Before It’s Too Late

Before It's Too Late coverBefore It’s Too Late

Steve, just recently back from service in Vietnam, is now back in his hometown of Jefferson City. Looking for work, he ends up working for Ace Collection Agency. During a run-of-the-mill car repossession, Steve ends up being involved with a murder. Lots of tough guy talk and plenty of hippie lingo. I was really starting to “dig it.” Other than this sounding like a really R-rated version of the Mod Squad, this book is not too bad.

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Before It's Too Late back cover

Before It's Too Late excerpt


  1. It’s begging for some witty commentary, but I’m seriously not sure what I should say about “banana style”.

  2. They Were Trying To Give Him a Message: Correct Your Posture — BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

  3. Okay, I can’t be the only one who thought that the “banana style” conversation was referring to something entirely different.

    Also, I find I have this weird bias against books where the back/cover flap blurb is written in the first person. There’s something about it I really, and perhaps illogically, can’t stand. Anybody else feel that way, or is it just me?

    1. Is the book itself not in the first person? If not, then it is odd if the cover material is. But, if it is, I don’t see a problem. Not that I prefer books written in the first person — I don’t.

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