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Beefin’ Up: Daily Feed for Amazing Grazing: A Teen Devotional

Submitter: It is a teen devotional book with a bunch of lovely little cow line drawings scattered about. You can see one of the “bad cow” drawings on the table of contents. You will notice that “bad cows” can be identified by their black trench coats with skull graphic, cigarette, beer cans (bad cows litter, you know) and shiv. The section regarding the tape store is especially good.  While I personally love U2, I can promise that I have never used the word “zing” to describe them. Oh and the “That grass will kill you” chapter is indeed about grass dude.

Holly: Clearly, this is out of date.  Submitter pretty much summed it up!

Beefin Up contents


Week Six


  1. Cute, but it definitely needs to be weeded. The kids today would have a cow over seeing all that bull. Sorry, I’m done milking this book. 🙂

  2. $10.98? Gosh, if he didn’t steal the tape, he’d practically have to rob a bank to pay for it. Who has that kind of money?

    I’m kind of curious about the other chapters…and who’s idea it was to use cows.

  3. You can bet if one of my calves were getting stoned right in front of me that I would yank the joint right out of his/her mouth instead of weeping. U2–the Christian protest band that zings! Um, yeah….I’m sure Bono and the lads would love that.

  4. no…no, latawnya beats this.

    ‘this…really zings.’ really zings. zings.

    you just have to wonder sometimes.

  5. It’s cute, but no better than most books that set out to “reach today’s youth.” Most of them don’t meet most library’s selection criteria. They’re just lame, and they date faster than “the slang those crazy kids use.”

  6. Well, I don’t think it’s too bad. Although the tape thing is definately out of date. There aren’t even as many CDs sold today because of Ipods and Mp3 players.

  7. So U2 are “British or Irish or something”… ? Wow, a book for children should teach them to learn and respect differences between two countries, shouldn’t it ?

  8. Memo to Americans (Christian or otherwise): You are advised never to refer to any Irishman or woman, not even Bono, as ‘British or Irish or something’…

  9. I looked it up in Amazon “The eight weeks of devotions contained in this book will give you the milk and meat you need to beef up your faith. It is designed to hep you stand your ground when the rest of the herd is in full stampede away from God. And that’s no bull.” I HAVE to read this.

  10. I think I want this, actually. If I ever need a laugh, I’d only need to go to this. And I think I just figured out why those California cows from the cheese commercials are so happy.

  11. Wow. Too bad I actually did this devotional with my church group when I was in Jr. High. It didn’t seem weird at the time, but that was back in the early 90’s. Yikes I feel old.

  12. when i was a teen this book gave me the confidence to really own my wedge-shaped arms, giant pink boxer shorts, and the fact that i was a moo cow. lifting three pound weights also helped.

  13. Nothing makes devotion cooler and more appealing to teens than pictures of cartoon cows! Because … teens really admire … cows?

  14. I love, love, love the pic of Mummy Cow and Daddy Cow telling off Bobby Calf. Particularly Mummy’s hankerchief and (real? fake? I must know!) pearls.

  15. My parents owned this book! They had a few teen-devotional type books for us. Too bad I was born in 1986, so by the time I was old enough for it, I could tell an outdated book when I saw one.

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