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Book of Beauty - coverDiane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty: How to Become a More Attractive, Confident, and Sensual Woman
von Furstenberg

Submitter: Former Princess Diane von Furstenberg is still very popular today. I found this 1976 book at my local public library. Not so sure how helpful this almost 40 year old book would be to young women now. I have included two pages of 1976 celebrities and a creepy make up guide.

Holly: I’m sure that Diane von Furstenberg’s name is carrying this book at whatever libraries are keeping it. Patrons see her name and assume it must be great…and I’m sure it was in 1976! Beauty books are one of my favorite categories here at ALB. Enjoy!

Book of Beauty - contents

What should I wear?

You are what you eat

On wigs and other helpers

Makeup palette

Author with celebrities


  1. I love how the make up tip looks like you would be giving yourself a black eye. Strange-

  2. Gee, the fashion advice doesn’t seem so bad…? Ugly pix, I agree. The book probably came out around the time when her wrap dress was all the rage. I was working in the fashion industry then (which didn’t pay well enough so that a young person like me could afford that wrap dress, alas), and I met her once in the 70s. I recall that she was very slender and her hand, when we shook hands, was icy cold. Even at the time I wondered if it was because she didn’t have enough to eat to fuel herself properly! I would have loved to see that Erte dress — I met him once about that time, too, LOL. Wow, he lived to be 97.

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