Beauty School Dropout

Careers in Beauty and Grooming coverCareers in Beauty & Grooming
Mark Lerner

Submitter: Another outdated book in the 600’s… This book was weeded from an elementary school library because the information is obviously out-of-date. Does anyone call themselves a Beautician anymore? Can you still wear a tube top & denim gauchos to work in a salon? I think the answers may be “yes” here in Georgia, but we still should consider adding a more current book on careers in the beauty industry to our collection.

Holly: The man holding the toupee in the last picture below needs to be counselled against that particular one. It’s all wrong for him! One more time, people: career books need to be kept within 5-10 years, depending on the career. Beauty fads go in and out, so this is definitely one that needs to be kept more current.


Curling iron

washing hair

Hair replacement specialist

Man with toupee


  1. That toupee looks totally camouflaged. Yeah right. How ’bout matching the hair colour?

    1. The decor may date the book even more than the haircuts, but I still want to know if anyone still sells that floral wallpaper.

  2. Here in New Zealand, a beautician is someone who does facials, waxing, etc, which is completely different to a hairdresser. Not sure then what that job is called in US English?

  3. As an Australian I’m the most amused by the (very regional) phonetic pronunciation of cosmetologists. This book was probably never destined for the international bestseller lists!

    1. As a non-Australian, the pronunciation makes me cringe! I can’t imagine it is standard anything. And why bother to give pronunciation for such a simple word? Granted, it has a number of syllables, but there is nothing difficult there. I also agree with Ro from NZ — someone who does hair is not a beautician in my book. And a cosmetologist is certainly not — why would they even introduce the term?

  4. The “flip” with blonde streaks in front…can’t quite make out if there’s full-lid blue or green frost eyeshadow…it’s the 70’s! Probably playing Tony Orlando and Dawn on the 8-track.

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