Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Home Decorating coverSew It Yourself Home Decorating: Creative Ideas for Beautiful Interiors

I expected this book to be worse than it actually is. Given the year, I thought it would be a page out of my childhood home. My mom sewed everything from curtains to bedspreads to place mats and would have loved this book in the 80s. It definitely has some dated pictures (see the horrible green bathroom below), but overall you could probably still use the basic ideas and things would turn out ok. Most of the pictures aren’t really that bad. (You may disagree!)

However, if you have more current decorating materials similar to this, you certainly wouldn’t miss this one. Upgrade to a new book wherever possible, and point to Pinterest as Plan B. It is pretty adaptable to the times if you have no choice but to keep it. I’ve seen worse.

I do really want to know how one gets into the bed featured below, with the fitted twin bedspread. Toooo tight!


Applique towels

Fitted twin bedspread

Fitted twin bedspread


  1. I made a fitted bedspread for our king-sized bed. There was piping on the edges. What a pain! Now I make quilts which are far more forgiving.

  2. The fitted bedspread is for the twin bed in your “guest room.” That’s where I put my childhood twin bed and where I did my sewing in the 70s and early 80s. It made for a smooth (not fluffy) surface to hold project parts. When you actually had a guest, you took the thing off and put it away for the duration.

  3. Actually… I want one of those fitted spreads, for my spare room. Can’t find them anywhere. I may have to borrow a friend’s sewing-machine and have at it!

  4. Wait, wait. That green bathroom is an actual, unretouched photograph? If you hadn’t said, I would have assumed it’s a monochrome picture that has either been lightly processed or has not aged well–although it’s usually the green that fades out first.


  5. Oy! That green bathroom…the one advantage of it is that you would never see the mold.

  6. Not into fussy or frilly so this really wouldn’t be for me, anyway, but I agree, that bathroom… Well, I’m reminded of an old Australian pop-song from the ’80’s. It was called ‘Beautiful People’ and one line went: “The garden’s full of furniture. The house is full of plants!”

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