Beautiful Holiday Ideas?

Beautiful Holiday Ideas

There are lots of Christmas crafts books, which leads me to believe that there are LOTS of “old fashioned” (read: out of date) Christmas craft books in libraries.  There might well be some nice little ornaments and things in this book.  There also might be some really weird decorations that are not beautiful for contemporary homes!  Submitter picked this one:

Is that Baby Jesus with the pink cheeks?  For me, the best part of that picture is the man and woman cut off at the bottom.  Don’t they just scream “70’s happy couple?”  That’s quite a stone fireplace they’ve got, too (I’m sort of jealous of that, actually.  I could make that work!)  I’m really not a fan of those colored flowers above the woman’s head, but I guess they do match the colors in the Jesus tapestry.

My final questions for you about this book are:
1. Kid on the cover – boy or girl?
2. Do you think that lady cut (his?) hair by putting a bowl on (his?) head and cutting around it?
3. Is that Mike Brady in the second picture?  Pair him with the lady on the cover and you’ve easily got Mike and Carol.

  1. That blond kid’s got the ‘under the bowl’ do – for sure! That second picture reminds me of banners I saw in some churches back in the 80’s. I love the psychedelic haloes too!

  2. It’s a boy. This reminds me of the little section of bright orange and yellow flowered linoleum which is still visible in part of my house. Every time I enter that hallway, I’m transported back to a time when bright was beautiful and all appliances were olive-colored. Watching the film Apollo 13 works essentially the same way.

  3. It’s a little boy. My son had the exact same haircut in 1980. It was the”in” cut for boys. (And yes, even then, I thought it looked like someone had put a bowl on his head to cut his hair.)

  4. I second the Richard Dawson statement above, and would like to add that if anyone’s looking for a good Christmas present for me, you can just find that guy and stick him under the tree.

  5. @L.B. – yep, definitely early-80s Presbyterian church banner. I used to sing as a ringer in a Presby choir, and I swear to Elvis – if Jesus himself came walking down the street, their Assistant Pastor would have chirped, “Ooooh! Let’s make a banner!”

    That said, I WANT that fireplace.

  6. My brother used to have that same bowl cut, and that was in the later half of the 80’s and early 90’s. No one ever made fun of him for his hair cut then. Now, however, I’m sure people would pick on him for it.

  7. You’re right Holly – the fireplace is absolutely brilliant ! I want one like that.

    Damn, I had the same bowl haircut when I was a kid at the time this book was issued…

  8. Did anyone else notice that the picture with the creepy banner and the day glo wreath of flowers is actually just a cropped version of one of the pictures in last year’s out-dated holiday book entry? Seriously! Follow the first link listed above and take a look.

  9. Although I’m dating myself. I used to make those giant crepe paper flowers in the 70’s. Every self-respecting teenage girl had a bouquet of them in her room. (Remarkably easy to make, too.)

    I vote for Richard Dawson.

  10. I know my mom still has that set of snowmen ornaments. Avon, 1978. And yes, she hangs them up every year. I’m with millk, that wreath is awesome.

  11. I, too, remember how to make those crepe paper flowers for the wreath. Richard Dawson’s smile looks rather forced, as if he’s handing the disembodied-head-of-a-woman a glass of poisoned liqueur, and she’s smirking because she has no hands with which to take the glass. My thoughts have obviously been influenced by the psychedelic haloes.

  12. Yes, to bring out the soft earthen tones of a rock hearth, one should clamp on a screaming neon paper rose-wreath for the decorative piece de resistance.

    Maybe the couple were tripping when they came up with these holiday decorative ideas?

  13. Regarding the second picture with its Nativity wall hanging – it is familiar because it is an inset from the Better Homes & Gardens holiday book (, also from 1980. The full sized pic is included on the “A Spirited Family Christmas” page scan on that entry ( Apparently Better Homes & Gardens was recycling material in its various publications. That fireplace is excellent – very Brady Bunch!

  14. So glad you posted this! I recently weeded a similar gem from 1974 but wasn’t able to get a photo. Here’s a question I’ve been struggling with: how old is too old when it comes to these yearly releases? We have almost 30 years’ worth of Christmas with Southern Living; I think they were donations. Should I keep the last 10 years? The last 15? All? None? The more recent ones circulate, but not the old ones. I’ve weeded them out of some branches, but have been keeping them at the main library at least through the holidays. Any thoughts appreciated.

  15. heather, i keep whatever circs: whether it’d young old or whatever as long as it’s in good shape and spends a good amount of time off the shelves.

  16. What is it with giving kids a bowl cut??? I STILL see little kids with them, after all these years. Is this some sort of bizarre punishment for children? “Don’t make me bring out the bowl!” Thankfully, my mother hated them so we never had to suffer.