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Careers in Management for the new woman

Careers in Management for the New Woman

This book looked familiar and I think I posted it in the early days of ALB. However, that particular post seems to be lost over time in our many migrations. But worry not! It is still in circulation. Really. I was going through the catalog and I couldn’t believe this book was in a circulating career collection.

It is pretty optimistic, but you can tell the problem of sexual harassment is glossed over and it is the woman’s responsibility to control by not giving off the wrong signals. Is it helpful for today’s women? Not at all. Time to weed.


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  1. The idea of having some man tag along just to pay the lunch tab is hilarious! Other advice sources I’ve read suggest submitting one’s credit card beforehand. I can’t imagine the mindset that would make either of these approaches seem reasonable.

    But spouses who do not travel on business may have way unrealistic ideas of what goes on. They don’t realize that after a day full of meetings, etc., often stressful, the last thing one wants is more time with the same people. No, they think it’s like a day at the office but with sparks flying at night. Not.

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