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How to be a really nice person

How to be a Really Nice Person: Doing the Right Thing- Your Way

Submitter: We are getting ready for a new carpeting project, so we’re weeding as much as we can in anticipation of moving our 85,000+ collection.  I stumbled across this book and couldn’t help but laugh at the cover and the title.  Why are librarians always nice people?  Maybe others in the profession have been reading this book for years and I just never saw it?  My staff thinks I should keep it on our continuing education book shelf?  Can you guess the copyright based on the hair style?  I had that hair style the same year!

Holly: Why on earth would you put it in a continuing ed collection?  That’s like a professional collection for staff, right? I hope they were kidding… This was great for a public library in the early 1980s.  It’s way outdated now.  The information in it might be lovely – there are plenty of people I know (librarians included!) who could use advice on how to be a nice person! – but there are plenty of current books that reflect our times a little better.  Part of me thinks it might have been easier to be nice in the early 80s. We’re so loaded with information and electronics, and life moves so much faster now, that sometimes it’s hard to keep up AND be nice.

(Or maybe I’m just naturally not that nice and I should read this book!)

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  1. I agree with Holly. Why would you want this book in a continuing ed collection? However, I think she may be mistaken about the information being outdated. From looking at those chapter title, I suspect the suggestions aren’t very different from what would be advised today. The look of the book, though, would put off readers. Toss it.

  2. I think whoever wrote this needs to read “The Gift of Fear” and what it has to say about being “nice”.

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