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This is a lighthearted housekeeping manual that has advice about saving money, fixing things around the house, and other household tips. There really isn’t any discussion on division of labor. It’s more about doing the same chores more efficiently. Evidently, all that extra time saved will allow you to pick up YET MORE WORK as an entrepreneur. My feeling is the author is the very definition of the superwoman.




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  1. Of course her (ex-) husband was a Sir and she has homes in London and France so I’m thinking she had a few advantages that your average housewife doesn’t.

    Nevertheless she’s still alive at 88 and later she wrote “Down With Superwoman”.

    She also wrote fiction. Including “Lace” which contains the immortal line: “Which one of you b!tches is my mother?”

  2. Sheesh! Reading about 13 different files is exhausting! As for fixing stuff, I’d need to call a professional.

  3. Page 19: “the latest Apollo?” Like the very last one that went up 7 years before this book came out?

    Maybe one of her many files should contain “update similes”.

      1. Wiki says the original printing was 1975. So her simile there is only slightly out of date.

        Still, “going up like a rocket that hasn’t been launched in two or three years” isn’t that effective a figure of speech.

  4. Pages 6 – 7 remind me of Bill Gates’ supposed quote that a lazy worker is a better hire, because s/he’ll find a way to automate their work so they can go back to being lazy.

  5. Why on earth would you put your money in a file? Or maybe the “bills” referred to are invoices, not legal tender. But the thing is called a “Money File.”

    1. Yellowing pages is old books is obviously a conspiracy against librarians for silent adaptive reuse. If the pages stayed white, correction tape could be invisibly used to update it to “Bitcoin file”. j/k

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