Be a sexy woman with Debbie!

Debbie Drake Dancercize cover

Submitter: I found this book while straightening up the stacks today. I knew it looked familiar, and browsing through your archives I found that Debbie had been in another posting for a different exercise book. As great as that one was, I have to say that this one is a real gem!  All the dancercize moves have names like “I’m a Big Girl Now”, “Step into my Parlor”, “Come and See Me Sometime”, and “Shy — But Oh My”. The book includes not just dancercizing tips, but recipes (lots of eggs), tips on how to become more cultured (whether you like Mozart or the Beatles), and a list of recommended books on subjects like poetry, psychology, Art, Astrology (yep), and Phrenology (wait, really?).  Not only is the book amazing, but the paraphernalia I found inside it adds to the allure.  According to the check out card, the first person to check it out in 1978 put their name as “Candy Cotton”.

Mary: I just love Debbie’s stuff.  We posted Debbie’s 1961 book a while back.  Click here to view the awesome sample exercises. You have to give her credit, she is very holistic in her beauty/exercise routine.  I am glad to see this later publication does not disappoint

Debbie Drake Dancercize back cover

Become a Tantalizing Female

Highland Fling

Sexy Relaxicisor

Seductive Puppet

Sassy Side Twist

I'm A Big Girl Now


  1. The…”Sexy Puppet”. Ew?

    I’m not sure I want a more “dramatic” life, either. Drama gets tiring really quickly.

  2. Some of those exercises are a bit like stuff I’ve done in yoga classes.

    But the list of stuff for women is eye-roll inducing. My boyfriend would probably be horrified if I started acting like that. Well, some of them are obvious and just manners, but at parties we tend to separate and chat with other people, for instance, and he’d definitely prefer a “buddy” to someone who was overly “feminine.”

  3. Lucky for me that my husband likes women who loudly demand booths while putting on makeup and cussing.

  4. Laughing at the concept of a seductive puppet. In a ladylike, non-bossy fashion, of course.

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