Be a REAL American! Eat a Hamburger.

Let's Eat Out cover Let’s Eat Out!

The cover art on this book is wonderful and I love this book. My copy came from a university collection and was in great condition.

So, in this story we have an exotic visitor named Hans visiting a typical American family. (It is unclear why Hans has no parents or even why he is this far from Germany.)  Our family decides to share a typical American experience with Hans. Everyone rejects the standards like a baseball game or a museum, so poor Hans is subjected to a lovely dinner at a hamburger place that looks suspiciously like McDonald’s.

The hamburger and fries dinner is cool,  but the kids decide that they want the behind the scenes tour. Evidently Dad has an “in” with the manager and he shows the family how hamburgers and fries are made. The takeaway from this tour is mass production of food is wonderful and better than other restaurants. Then the whole gang eats burgers and fries. Now Hans is a “real” American. (Of course the part 2 of this story will be published in a few decades when Hans strokes out from steady diet of hamburgers and fries.)

So, everyone head out to your local burger joint and eat a hamburger….for America.


little black car

hamburgers and french fries

making french fries

American as a hamburger sandwich


  1. Wow, they got all dressed up to get fast food. I wonder what they wear to a fancy restaurant …

  2. That last line … WOW. Yes, Hans, you can be as American as the Indians! Because everyone came here from somewhere else. We’re all just immigrants on equal footing. No broken treaties or trails of tears or slavery or xenophobia here, no sir!

  3. Wow, today the illustrator and publisher would be sued for copyright infringement. Mickey D’s indeed!

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