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Decorating to Please Him

We are back with another Barbara Taylor Bradford decorating book from the How to be a Perfect Wife series. Make sure you click here for another book in the series. Obviously, being a perfect wife take many books. Barbara has all the advice for you ladies trying to “please” your husband. Evidently, it is your job to make sure the decorating suits his needs. There is a ton of advice to make sure you have manly looking space for him and not overwhelm him with too much femininity in your decorating. He needs a “charming atmosphere that relaxes him”. I think Barbara needs to stick to fiction.

I would rather have a charming atmosphere that relaxes me. A good chair, a good book and a nice cocktail would be a great start.


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  1. The man seriously checking out the fabric probably should never married a woman in the first place.

  2. Fun fact: The books from “Perfect Wife” series sell for huge amounts on Even this entry has copies seling online for no less than $300. Highest asking price is over $1000.00!

  3. I can’t imagine a yellow-and-white man cave, can you? Sunny colors seem more For Her than For Him

  4. I have never understood why men are supposed to react positively to women effacing their own personalities and tastes. They should just get robots. And who would want a relationship with a man like that anyway?

  5. if that was me on cover: oh wow so this is less sheer than the other one at the other store you were looking at honey? (stifles yawn)

  6. •If you want a fireplace, it’s easy! Make him build it!
    •Pester him continuously by pointing out “his chosen” colour every time you see it.
    •Insist that he “help” you design his hobby room, since you don’t have a clue.

    Hmm, maybe this perfect wife isn’t so pleasing a partner after all.

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