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Having It All

I am sure most of you have heard of Helen Gurley Brown, probably best known as the editor in chief at Cosmopolitan. Her best known book was Sex and the Single Girl, published in 1962. This was probably one of the first mainstream publications that advocated independence and sexual freedom. By the time this particular book was published, the issue was about having it all, independence, freedom, family, cool career, etc.

I was in my twenties in the 1980s and I was always wondering where one worked to have such an array of benefits, that would actually support a “having it all” lifestyle.

By the time I was in my 30s, I realized that this concept applied to exactly 0 people. Never mind that I sucked up every article and book that told me I could have it all. I really wanted a refund of time and money I spent trying to achieve this fantasy lifestyle.





  1. So, the author goes through people’s desks looking for food, and it’s the person whose raisins she took who’s the pain in the ass? Okay.

  2. I had NO idea that Helen GURley Brown went IN for SO MANY italics in her writing! I mean, REALLY, who would EVER have known?

  3. As a friend of mine who was there at the time said, “It turned out HAVING it all meant DOING it all!”

  4. I actually own a copy of this. Picked it up free after I read the chapter of “What She Ate” about HGB and her very interesting relationship with food. I plan to skim it for the eyerolls and toss it back in the recycling.

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