Be a Clown (or not)

Be a Clown coverBe a Clown

Long time site fans will know that I have clown “issues”. However, that does not mean that I get to exempt my collection from clown materials. I just don’t want to be alone when dealing with said clowns or material. My little phobia is also the source of great amusement to my family and my library friends. Naturally, clown books (not to mention other assorted clown paraphernalia) show up all the time on my desk. Lovely.

This particular book is in good condition and circulates decently enough that I would keep¬† it. Of course, your mileage my vary.¬† “Secrets Thoughts of Your Clown” as a chapter heading is not exactly comforting, but I suppose since we are dealing with pure evil, a certain amount of discomfort is to be expected.


Be a Clown front flap

Clown beats

Concentrating on actions

Costumes for Washerwomen



  1. The balloon boobs (boobloons?) are a classy touch. The moral is, if you want subtlety, don’s send in any clowns.

  2. As a little girl, my career goal was to one day become a circus clown. Making people laugh and being surrounded by circus-monkeys just seemed perfect to me. Now, as an elementary librarian, I have indeed achieved that goal.

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