baseball book

The Baseball Book
Complete A-to-Z encyclopedia of baseball
Hollander, ed.

Every library in Michigan should have weeded this title on principle when the Tigers won the World Series in 1984.  (I was there!) So that is a strike 1.   My husband, the ultimate Cubs fan, rejects this book,regardless of publication date, as Ernie Banks does not get his own entry.  In the book’s defense, the book does give him props in the entry for Chicago Cubs.  (I will spare you the non stop diatribe at my house of the Cubs’ performance.  Poor guy still holds out hope though. ) Note the comment about lights at Wrigley Field!  Strike 2.   What no entry for steroids?  Strike 3. You are out!

Baseball fans would enjoy the pictures and the entries, but this book devotes a lot of time and energy to stats making this book a poor choice in 2010.

Batter up!





  1. That umpire strike is why the guy across the street, a Little League umpire, officiated for a MLB pennant game.

    That’s pretty much all I know about baseball right there. Oh! And Ernie Banks is my family’s official answer to any Trivial Pursuit sports questions. Even if they’re about golf.

  2. A lot, both good and bad, has definitely happened in baseball since 1982, and many more people have come and gone since then. There are even a few rule changes, too, like the use of video replay to verify home run calls. Don’t forget the expansion teams (and the resulting issues from sticking a baseball team in Denver’s mile-high air) or the Brewers’ switch of leagues.
    Oh, I feel for you, Mary, as someone who comes from a family where you’re a Cubs fan or you root for the Cubs. One of these years it has to be their year again, but I don’t know at this point if anyone would know what to do with a Cubs team where everything goes right.
    I bet this talks about the Red Sox in a different tone, too, although now that I think of it this predates Dan Shaughnessy’s invention of the “curse of the Bambino,” which captured far too much imagination.

  3. I notice the players struck “over the issue of free-agent compensation”, but the umpires struck “to improve their lot”.

  4. That’s an awesome cover, though. Both of the players are now Hall of Famers. And one of the teams doesn’t *exist* anymore! Which is reason enough to weed it, I guess.

  5. Hmph you should keep it solely because it has Mike Schmidt on the cover. There’s a player today’s youngins should be using as a role model!

  6. Another blog I read will do research to determine which game a baseball photo came from. I think the cover photo of Gary Carter and Mike Schmidt was taken in the 2nd inning on Monday, Sep 7, 1981.

    Putting this here as proof that I tried to do my own research before waiting for the guy to answer!

    This was fun…Thanks!