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Barbara Walters
An Unauthorized Biography

Barbara Walters is obviously worthy of a biography. However this 1990 bio can be retired. Walters penned a memoir in 2008. That might be worth keeping. I believe that often when a new bio is released we tend to forget to take a look at previously published. Not all are keepers. I think this is particularly true if the person is still living. Think of this as my helpful reminder that it might be worth taking a real look at your biography section.


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  1. I had to look up her “marital bliss with third husband Merv Adelson”. Turns out not so blissful–and he was her third AND fourth husband. Married 1981, divorced 1984; married 1986, divorced 1992. When the biography’s lasted longer than the marriages, should it be weeded? 🙂

  2. Her father did not avoid “handling the merchandise”? That makes this weedable all by itself.

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