Balloon Artist

Become a Balloon Artist coverHow to Become a Balloon Artist and Make Up to $100,000 a Year

Submitter: This book has recently been weeded from a public library. It probably should have been weeded a decade ago–or two. Surprisingly enough its last checkout date was a little under 4 years ago. This was through interlibrary loan, so if I had to take a wild guess I’d assume the patron put a hold on it without knowing what it looked like (no cover picture is provided in our catalog). Does this make me a bad librarian because I judged the book by it’s cover?

The majority of the book focuses on creating balloon designs, with very dated and only sometimes helpful black and white pictures of finished products. The title includes “make up to $100,000 a year” (really? in 1987?) but I suspended my initial disbelief because, hey, what do I know about being a balloon artist? But this book doesn’t really contain any information on how to achieve this particular salary. There’s marketing tips: create a decoration photo album, get involved with weddings, “smile a lot” and “dress for success,” but nothing to convince me I can live very comfortably as a balloon artist.

Holly: But the author’s name is “Prosper!” That must count for something!

Become a Balloon Artist back cover

Doing the Balloon Clowns

Stuffed animal balloon arrangements

Tying and holding balloons

Working the 5 inch weave


  1. Sorry to keep correcting your grammar, but it’s “judged the book by its cover.”

    I have a family member who does balloon art, and I’m sure he’d get a sad laugh at that salary. He does it because he loves it, not because it makes him any money.

  2. I used a bunch of purple balloons (I was grapes) as a Halloween costume, and I won first place. Who knew I could turn that talent into big bucks? Forget grad school, Ballooning here I come!

  3. I would have assumed that this was about how to twist those cute little animals, hats, light-sabers, etc. Not about how to make balloon fruit bowls!

    1. I think it would have been a nice book for a collection, except for the total nonsense salary mentioned *in the title*. I did have a little brainstorm though: maybe the dollars aren’t United States dollars?

  4. The picture of the woman holding and filling the balloons looks a tad suggestive..

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