Bah Humbug

Worst Person's Christmas coverThe Worst Person’s Christmas

Submitter: This is quite possibly the most depressing Christmas book ever. The worst person, or “the worst,” as he is often referred to throughout the story, hates everything. And his neighbors are thoughtful, inviting him to parties even though they know he won’t go, skipping his house when caroling because they know he won’t like it, etc.  At the end of the book, the worst person is still grouchy.  There’s no change.  It looks like this one is part of a series, but I didn’t check to see if our library had the other ones. It doesn’t circ, even when it’s part of our display of Christmas picture books, so its shelf space is going to be used for something better.

Holly:  A man after my own heart! Bah Bumbug. I would weed it for lack of use, but I kind of like the story!

worst person in the world

mean signs

worst person's shovel

Party at the Wilson's

Worst Person's Christmas back cover


  1. I love this!! It cheers me up. I want those yard signs. I have been to Crab Beach. I would have been delighted to read this book as a kid, and I am still tempted now. 10/10 Would Not Weed.

  2. Mr. Worst appears to be reminiscent of the Stupids (James Marshall)– that is,kids feel very clever when they realize that the characters are caricatures. (Going back in the annals of stupidity: The Peterkin Papers.)

  3. Aww, I loved James Stevenson’s books as a kid, although I was more a fan of the reminiscing grandpa than the worst person. Definitely would not weed!

  4. I think I’ve read almost all of James Stevenson’s children’s books – and not because I have kids. I love his work. The Worst Person in the World series includes these books:
    The Worst Person in the World at Crab Beach
    Worse than the Worst
    The Worst Goes South
    I think I’ll check them all out to keep them in circulation at my library if they aren’t already gone!

  5. This is something I would probably just read in the library without checking it out. I think his signs make him happy, and I sure can sympathize with that. So he actually DID go to a party, with a gift in hand? I want to know what happened next!

  6. My sisters and I adored these as kids, and I still love anything by James Stevenson madly. And actually, if I remember correctly, we were disappointed because this particular Worst book has a happier ending than some of the others. The Worst doesn’t want a happy ending, he’s the Worst Person in the World!

  7. Where I teach is where Jim spends about half the year. I loved his work even before I knew he had connections to here. I have met him and he a very nice, humble man. I read the Worst’s Christmas almost every year and the kids love it. I have about 20 of his titles.

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