Bad Teens

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Teen Violence

Terrible teens are doing some seriously bad stuff and this book is here to tell you all about it. This is one of those social science books built for a research report. They usually come as a set of “current issues” that are targeted for middle school/high school. They all generally follow the same structure.

This book outlines those possible “causes” of violence in teens including: Nazis, gangs, video games, and drugs. There is a bit of data or quotes from articles about the topic. Nothing truly earth shattering. Also, it wasn’t as teen specific as the title would indicate.

As an aside, my inner collection development demon always avoided these sets for purchase. Aside from them being expensive, they just didn’t have the longevity. Currency is critical. Also usually the artwork and covers are not so great. We have featured many of these sets found in teen collections. If you select the category Talkin bout my generation (aka teen stuff) you will see many of these examples.

Weed and don’t look back.


white supremecy

vioent videos

crack cocaine

gang violence

our violent society



  1. That photo of the police officer is just making me giggle. “Ring…ring…ring…Hello? Yes, Mrs. McQuilkin? Sorry to bother you, but, um, Timmy brought 400 vials of crack for show and tell today.”

    1. I’m not sure why a desk sergeant is running a press conference with the seized stuff laid out all precise for the photogs.

  2. I see that racism, prejudice and hatred haven’t changed since 1991. Oh wait, they have changed. They’re even worse now. 🙁

  3. Dated photos and needs weeding, yes — but the basics are still sadly all too true.

  4. Anyone else think those photos are from the 1970s or 1980s rather than the 1990s? Especially the first one – check the hair on those Nazis!

    1. The “violent video” kids have hair that’s older, too — check out the girl’s bangs.

  5. oh, not the ridiculous idea that watching violent TV shows or movies makes people violent again….

  6. The kids in the ‘Violent Videos’ photo are teens? They look about 11 or twelve. Maybe I’m just getting old.
    As for the afros on the gang guys… Again, maybe its me, but I’d have said that pic dated to the ’70’s not the ’90’s.

  7. I would’ve so joined the Savage Nomads if I were 25 years younger!

    (34, white, higher education white collar, not from the US)

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