Bad parenting is making kids gay

Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity coverShaping Your Child’s Sexual Identity

This is yet another of the “fix your gay kids” advice books. Lots of “great” advice in watching out for those excessively masculine traits in girls and overly feminine traits in boys.  Bad parenting=gay kids because you need to be vigilant in your supervision. You need to slap a doll out of the hand of a boy and/or make those girls wear dresses or the entire civilization is ruined.

The fact that this book exists and that people believe it, it is proof enough that civilization is ruined.

I will be in the back, weeping (again) for humanity,



Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity back cover

Parents of children with sexual identity problems

Helping parents to help their boy


  1. It’s books like this that make me want to convert to Atheism. Religion is not a big screaming deal in my family, anyway.

    1. Is there an articulated theory out there that the more X hates gays/lesbians, the more likely X is actually gay/lesbian themselves? It seems like this is far from the only case.

  2. The ol woodpile discussions….of course it helps to bring an axe to drive home the point….

  3. 1. George Rekers: Yeah. As in Read it, it’s atrocious. Both the “experiment”, and what he was caught in years later. Whatta hypocrite

    2. Mary, I hope you dried your tears long enough to see last Friday’s headlines SUPREME COURT LEGALIZES SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, and maybe got out to experience the euphoria at your local GLBT-pride fest?

    1. I had tears of joy after Friday’s announcement, I hope my good mood doesn’t wear off. Best part: I am in SFO for #alaac15.Awesome parade/party.

  4. IRL bad parenting isn’t making children gay, it is making them hate what their parents don’t, or won’t, understand.

  5. I don’t know how anyone can look at this cover without thinking of Monty Python.

  6. Dad arrives: “Brrmmm-brrmmm!” Dad leaves: “Note the exquisite metallic blue sheen on this Matchbox Cobra…”

  7. And yet even with gay marriage now legal nationwide, there are still plenty of parents that would try to “fix” their children. Think of the difference in the world that it would make if all of that energy was put into something really worthwhile, like feeding the homeless or providing counseling for war veterans…

  8. Absolutely everything about this book is disgusting, but what got to me the most was the description of how creative Craig was when playing with the “girls’ toys” and how much he was clearly enjoying himself, and how the author was like, “‘we’ve got to nip THAT in the bud–God forbid a child should be allowed to engage in creative, enthusiastic play.”

  9. Looks like he proved that the little boy preferred to play with “girl” toys, only switching over to masculine toys to put on a show for his dad. How were they going to make him like playing with a certain type of toy? Wouldn’t they only be teaching him to put on a better or more enthusiastic show of playing with the boy’s toy’s?

    If my cat preferred playing with “dog” toys I wouldn’t go through a lot of trouble to get her to play with “cat” toys I feel she is supposed to play with. A lot of it is marketing based on graphics anyway, such as a bone versus a fish. Same thing with girls’ and boys’ toys and clothing- boys get the hunter green version, girls get the lavender version. Or boys get a Minion graphic and girls get an Elsa graphic. It means you have to buy twice as much of everything.

    1. Well, you could train your cat to be a dog, right? Wait…you could. I should have said, “Well, you could train your dog to be a cat, right?”

      1. I am currently clicker training my cat, and would like to point out that it would be easier to train a dog to stand on its head and sing “God Bless America” than to train a cat to do anything. Here’s for trying.

  10. Poor Craig! How awful for him. Yes, I know he probably wasn’t a real kid, but there were enough like him who probably suffered through this kind of treatment. My father was a totalitarian tyrant (is that redundant? well, he was both of it…) but at least he didn’t get down to this level. My brother and I would be so much more warped if we had had to worry about what we played with and how.

  11. I was a COMPLETE tomboy, who regularly got mistaken for a boy, until I went through puberty. I grew up to be straight. I wonder if this is how these idiots claimed victories – by trying to pretend they’d “cured” people who were actually straight anyway?

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