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mommy where are you coverMommy, Where are You?
What could be more important than investing in the lives of your children

Working moms, this book is for you. Did you know you are doing your children a disservice by being selfish and working outside the home? They will probably become criminals all because you put your selfish need to work above your kids. Lucky for you, this author is here to straighten you out.

I just want to laugh/snap at the author for thinking that all women have a choice in working. The author suggests that women with income challenges should take in sewing or sell baked goods. Of course this begs the question, if they are working at home, are they still giving their children the most of their time? Equally infuriating is implying that fathers just can’t do parenting as well as a mother.

Still irritated that we haven’t progressed as a society,

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Personal Note : 20 plus years ago, I was told by a school official that my kid was a troublemaker because of my high powered library job. (I was a part-time library clerk and working on my MLIS at the time.) I tried to point out that he is a troublemaker because he is 12 and a smart ass, not because I have a job.  So, to that particular individual that concluded that I was going to ruin my kid with my job priorities, I would like to tell you that my kid ended up a contributing member of society, gainfully employed, and NOT sponging off his parents. He is still a smart ass, though.

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  1. “Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to equate leaving your child in day care with having an abortion.” Uh, yes she is…

  2. So she talks about how the cost of living has skyrocketed (page 35), and how it takes a huge hit to the wallet if a spouse doesn’t work…yet she thinks working is a choice? Boy is she out of touch!

    But what can you expect from a woman who shoehorns abortion into a book on about parenting styles?

    1. Serious question: How internally inconsistent does a book/author have to get before it becomes grounds for weeding or not acquiring in the first place?

  3. I’m all for affirming the choice of women to stay home, but enough of the guilt trips for those who work outside the home. BTW I notice this is from Harvest House. They’re a VERY conservative Christian publishing house.

    1. I was about the point out the same thing. This is obviously a Christian book in the conservative/evangelical/fundamentalist/etc. tradition and not really written for a mass audience. That explains a lot of her viewpoints.

    1. I’m from New Zealand, where income tax is about 25%, and we have a public health system as well.

      1. In fact, in the past, only wealthy women had the option of not being part of the family financial program — unless you call someone who runs the dairy, chicken, and egg operation at a profit AS WELL AS cooking everything (including bread), doing laundry in tubs, and assisting with weeding, fruit-picking, doing all the preserving, sewing every stitch on every garment, and so on and so forth a “stay-at-home.” No wonder their daughters preferred a mere 13-hour shift in a woolen mill someplace.

  4. She’s still writing, though her name is Kathi Macias. This book is not listed on her website, unsurprisingly.

    1. Is she still writing in the Christian fundamentalist vein? And what prompted the name change? Not a divorce, pray tell…

  5. If you had asked child-me if I would rather my mom didn’t work, I’m sure I would’ve said “Yes.” But even then, I knew that we would have no place to live and no food.(Of course, Ms. Mills probably would have said that Mom should have stayed with her alcoholic husband to give me an “intact family.”)

    1. My brother and I were happy when my mother went back to work — we could do what we wanted after school till she and my father came home. I don’t remember what my brother did, but I would make two pieces of Pepperidge Farm toast (a sweet dark bread they don’t make anymore) dripping with butter and eat them while reading in my room (we were not supposed to eat between meals or eat in our rooms). Bliss!

  6. My mother’s been working for as long as I can remember and she’s not going to retire until around the end of the year. So how is it neither my brother and I never once did drugs or went to jail and had kids as teenagers and were basically two of the biggest squares you’d ever meet?

    I know why neither of us have never been injured by guns, though. *cough*Live in Canada*cough*

  7. “I just want to laugh/snap at the author for thinking that all women have a choice in working.”
    I just want to smack people who expect women to justify working while asking no such question of men.

    1. That was my attempt to be “polite”. Holly gets mad if I issue death threats on the website. 🙂

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