Back in the USSR

soviet union coverSoviet Union

The Cold War was turned up to 11 when this book was published, and this text reflects that tension. It is more a middle school textbook than a country book like those common in public library youth nonfiction collections. (See our Spanning the Globe category for some examples.) I’m going to guess that this was probably a rogue donation, because textbooks aren’t a usual item in a public library collection. You will be happy to know that this was still in circulation as of this writing.

Of course there is a “Communism is bad” theme laced throughout the text. In the third picture below, there is a comment that women do the same work as the men in the Soviet Union. I’m trying to decide if the editors thought that was a bad thing or a good thing about Communism.


moscow view

soviet union in todays world





  1. Just so terrible that many of the Commie doctors were women.

    The parents of today’s junior high students might have read this.

    Hey, librarians, here’s an easy tip: anything titled “Soviet Union” probably should be weeded.

    1. I wonder if I picked up the wrong edition for the bib info. Sorry about that. Mary

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