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When Teenagers Take Care of ChildrenWhen Teenagers Take Care of Children: The Official Guide for Baby Sitters

I would have guessed that this is even older than 1965.  The pictures are adorable, but really old fashioned (even for cartoons!).  The worst, though, is the section on first aid.  Librarians: please give your teen patrons something more up to date and more accurate than this!


When Teenagers Take Care of Children back cover

first aid

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  1. When both my daughters were small they choked on a piece of hot dog and turning ’em over and smacking the between the shouolder blades did dislodge it. Sometimes panic works. I do hope babysitters have taken the American Red Cross babysitting course though, assuming it’s still offered.

  2. When I took first aid a couple years ago they did say for SMALL children – babies and small sized toddlers – to put them over your knee, head towards the ground, and thump them between the shoulder blades to dislodge something they’re choking on.

    Larger children you can do the Heimlich on.

  3. I love the sentence “Sunning infants is the parent’s job” It makes it sound like the baby is some sort of plant.

  4. OK, *NOW* we can be sure we’re focused towards teenagers, and that cover is definitely a turn off. Bulbous, disproportionate features, chubby red (!) cheeks. Obviously there should be an updated book that covers additional material (As mentioned, 911 didn’t exist back when this was published, the ARC first aid guide has undoubtedly changed) and is less unattractive.

  5. Turning upside down (or to the side) and smacking is actually a technique for infants and small toddlers. You are NOT supposed to use the Heimlich on anyone under 1 year old, as you can do serious damage to their body.

    But yes, a babysitter could easily be dealing with larger children as well, so a more updated book that includes modern first aid knowledge is probably a very, very good idea!

  6. When I was about 3, I starting choking on a little hard candy. My mom smacked me on the back and the candy supposedly flew across the room. It does work, but the Heimlich works better, I suspect.

  7. Yeah, LB, it does, but you can’t do the Heimlich on infants. The back smack is for children too small to do the Heimlich on.

    Here’s some videos from YouTube you can watch on the subject if you don’t believe me – (part 1 of 3) (part 2 of 3) (part 3 of 3)

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