Baby Do My Banking

Baby Do My Banking - coverBaby Do My Banking
Baby Be Of Use

Yes, this is a humor book. And it’s funny! It is a board book that suggests that Baby should take over the family’s finances. Open a new account! Apply for a home equity loan! And a penny for baby’s trouble. Baby didn’t have anything better to do, after all.

This is weird, for sure, but cute that it’s a board book as if it’s really “for” a baby. What will they think of next?


Baby Do My Banking - back cover

Open bank account

Apply for a home equity loan

Safe Deposit Box

Thank you Baby


  1. The Baby Be Of Use series? Okay. . . And I love the last page shows a penny tip for the baby for all the tasks mentioned. Sure, just the thing to give to a baby whose natural instinct is to put everything she can get into her mouth. Just the right windpipe blocking size. . .

  2. I am not so sure I would let my baby do my banking…when my oldest son was 18 he wrote a check out of my checkbook, for 1million dollars, payable to Dieter Q. Pug, our dog.

    1. Yes, your baby might think the book was serious when it talks about getting your will from the safe-deposit box (canonically, a will is the one important document that should never be kept there).

  3. What will they think of next?
    They’ll think of the picture book Go the #### to Sleep. Judging by Amazon reviews, some people truly did not understand that It Is Not A Children’s Book.

    1. or this one: “A Man, a Can, a Plan” board-book cookbook for men–elsewhere reviewed on ALB

  4. I was once in a line of 5 or 6 people waiting to use a walk up atm. The woman at the head of the line was allowing her youngster about 2 years old to push the buttons. (“No the two makes a curve at the top. No push the curved top with a straight line at the bottom.”)
    When the man behind her nicely suggested she do it herself to speed up the process she got all huffy and said she’d promised the kid could do this time.
    I thought the guy behind me with the Rottweiler was going let the dog loose on her.

  5. So when do babies actually become of use? I’ve never had kids of my own, but I’m guessing it’s when they move out and get a job.

  6. Per the back cover, this is from McSweeney’s, run by Dave Eggers. It’s definitely meant to be funny and for adults.

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