Babies by Bums

Having Babies by Bums coverHaving Babies By Bums: Every Woman’s Guide to Choosing a Great Father for Her Child

The author, a self-proclaimed “bastard” whose father was a “bum,” tells women how to avoid relationships with men who aren’t father material. He also helps women recognize what it is that makes bums attractive to them.

The forward is available in its entirety on Amazon. It got 3 1/2 stars on GoodReads and at least one good review.

I’m not crazy about the terminology or the image on the back cover (below), but it is attention-getting!


Babies by Bums back cover


  1. For English-language speakers outside the United States, the title suggests what small children might imagine the birthing process to be. 🙂

  2. Where would you even shelve this? I mean, if the Dewey Decimal system even has a section for eugenics I suspect that would cause a certain amount of controversy. (Although that section would be a handy containment zone for some of the uglier stuff about autism…)

  3. In Canada a lot of people still say “bum” to mean a person’s rear end because up until the 90’s “butt” was seen as too rude. But people up here may also call someone a bum as an insult. All I know is that saying “bum” instead of “butt” when I was a kid in school didn’t make us laugh any less.

  4. Well, considering this book is about avoiding the kind of man who isn’t there physically, emotionally, or financially for the child they helped create, the fact that bum if often used in place of butt in many places, including America*, it’s still an appropriate title. Because he’s telling you his sperm donor was a “Bumhole.”

    *I don’t know if it’s still a thing but when I was a kid we were encouraged by parents and teachers to say “bum” or “bottom” instead of “butt” because it was considered “more polite.”

    As far as this being “eugenics,” I don’t think it’s that either because on the back he states any man can be a bum. Beggar or king. It’s a matter of “Is he going to pay child support? Will he acknowledge the kid is his? Will he be there to help with homework, kiss boo-boos, teach their child life skills, and protect them from those who would do them harm?” Any man (or woman) who doesn’t do that for their kid would be a bum. So this is a self help book on how not to pick a guy who is going to abandon their kid.

  5. Why would anyone stick a picture like that on the back cover? It’s creepy enough having the mom’s legs splayed out and the baby hurdling towards the reader, but it also has a cord wrapped around its neck.

  6. How about making it easier for women and girls to have birth control? Making the pill OTC would help a lot, for starters. The thing has been on the market for decades already.

    Much, much better than to have to worry about selecting a father who will pay child support. Sheesh!

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