Awful Call Number

Pumpkin Pumpkin coverPumpkin Pumpkin

Holly: Juvenile humor alert! I’m sorry, but this is just funny.

Submitter: Not an awful library book but an awful call number. We circulate oversize picture books and use the call number Youth Big First 3 letters of author’s last name.  The book is Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington (1986) – hence the call number Youth Big Tit.

Holly: Bahahahahahaha! Ok, everyone, back to your daily grind. You’re welcome.

Call number label


  1. LOL. The tags at a local toy store used a three-letter code for the word ‘assorted,’ which meant one time I bought something labeled “BEANIE BABY ASS.”

  2. Yeah, that’s a sorting code that is fraught with possibilities. Authors named Cochrane, Dixon, Butler, Balmer, Bumstead, and many others would run afoul of it….

  3. My first job, way back in 1971, was a library aide. This was in the days of card catalogs. Cabinets with drawers that held cards with the book titles, authors and other relevant information. (You don’t have to admit it if you remember those days) Each drawer had a tiny card on the front that listed the first few letters of the names of the authors listed in that drawer. One of my fellow aides showed me a drawer that apparently held cards for Bumgardner to Carlson and happily pointed out that the card said “BUM–CARL”!

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