Awful Cake Pans

Playboy Bunny Cake PanWilton Playboy Bunny Cake Pan

Submitter: A lot of libraries allow you to take out cake pans for all those people who want to try out a fun new idea for their birthday cakes. Most pans are fine, what kid wouldn’t want a fire truck or a dog shaped cake at their party? But I can see this pan sitting lonely on the shelf, while the library’s hundred other cake pans are circulated through. Why? Because it’s the Playboy Bunny Cake Pan. Yes, a cake pan in the shape of the Playboy bunny, that “celebrated symbol most men know and love! It’s bound to liven up birthdays, bachelor parties, Father’s Day and more.” If it wasn’t enough to just get the pan, there’s also a pdf that shares the decoration instructions and the back of the label with its 2 fun decorating ideas; one of which is Christmas themed. Since nothing says Merry Christmas like the Playboy Bunny wearing a cheery Christmas bow tie. Looking at the pictures, it’s clear that only people with lots of time on their hands will follow the instructions. I can’t see anyone checking this pan out anytime soon.

HollyThis is funny! It isn’t just any bunny cake; the Playboy Bunny has a very distinctive shape. It is recognizable by most adults. I’d totally check this out (but, then, I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy). I can think of all kinds of shapes that would make fun cakes! <Wink>

Playboy Bunny Cake Pan


  1. We have a circulating cake pan collection at our library. Don’t know whether it includes this one! But it does include a Dala Horse set that I donated. I got one for myself and loved it and promised the library I would get them one, too — Ikea by that time had discontinued it, but fortunately there was eBay.

  2. I mentioned cake pans to a librarian I knew and it didn’t happen, but there were politics involved and now it is too late I fear.

  3. I’ve never heard of a circulating cake pan collection. Do many libraries have them? Are there other things that libraries lend out besides books and audio/visual?

    1. Libraries circulate all kinds of things! Cake pans, tools, telescopes, musical instruments… Google “library of things” if you’re interested.

      1. Yes, besides cake pans, we have board games, telescopes, iPads, and Wi-Fi Hot Spots. We also tried lending portable record players to go along with our newly expanded vinyl collection, but found that they were hard to maintain in working order. Just before the pandemic hit, we were thinking about having a seed collection — not sure how that would have worked, but we are likely not to find out for quite a while. We’ll be closed until at least July 1, it appears.

  4. This is a weird idea because other than birthdays of someone who really loves the bunny icon on their clothes etc, I can really see what use it is. Father’s Day? No, totally inappropriate. Bachelor party? Too tame and dull! It just sits between inappropriate because of what it represents or not naughty enough if you did want something to do with playboy.

  5. Huh. As a former Fabric and Craft Selling Drone, I’m kind of surprised Wilton bought a Playboy license. Though looking at the label, this is clearly from an earlier era. The more you know, I guess! ミ☆

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