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Dawson's Creek coverMeet the Stars of Dawson’s Creek

Teen angst lives in Dawson’s Creek! Ooooh!  Dawson! Pacey! Joey! I am out of my element here having never seen an episode, but some of my younger friends tell me this show is the best. This little paperback has been holding up very nicely since 1998, thank you very much.  Mostly because all of the kids that would be checking this book out have graduated from college, have jobs and are now raising children of their very own.  Evidently the owning library was waiting for someone to swoop in and make sure Awful Library Books had material for another post.


James VanderBeek

Katie Holmes

Joshua Jackson

Dawson's Creek Love and Romance


  1. From the scan of the text: “Katie says with a laugh, “I make it a point never to date an actor.”” Priceless.

  2. I think tv tie-in books have a short shelf life. At first I thought this was fiction based on the world of Dawson’s Creek, but if it’s just about the stars themselves I can’t see anyone caring. It seems more like a one-issue magazine rather than a book.

    But, Joshua Jackson looks so cute when he’s younger! I love him on Fringe. Never watched Dawson’s Creek.

  3. LOL indeed.

    There are also ones like this for Buffy and Animorphs (whose books are way better.) I had the Buffy one but did not keep it long as it was so darn dated.

  4. And it’s published by Catalano? Was that an in-joke for a publisher specializing in ’90s era teen-angst dramas? (Jordan Catalano was the hearthrob in My So-Called Life.)

    They were all SO young…but I still think those pictures on the front cover were shot through cheesecloth.

  5. “Katie’s from Toledo, Ohio. Like her TV character, she’s a small-town girl.”

    300K people is a small town? Or is she from somewhere *near* Toledo?

    And laughing at the “never date an actor” thing 🙂

  6. This was the big thing when I was in high school. We’re all now in our late 20s and early 30s…time to weed.

  7. @ Stephanie, there actually were some fiction books that came out around the time the show started that had stories about Dawson’s Cree. I think it followed closely with storylines from the show. I remembered seeing them when the show was new and later on years later when I found some copies at a thrift store. Loved the show at the time but for me it just does not hold up as a show I want to watch over and over again today or even rewatch at all.

  8. You see, the key problem with the show, from my confused teenage perspective, was that I couldn’t figure out who was hotter, Pacey or Joey. Now that I’m older, the answer’s obvious.

  9. Oh! And what about the Criminal Minds episode where James Van Der Beek is the killer?! You’re there like “Okay, scary, but it can’t be that bad…… NOOOOOOOO! It’s DAWSON!!!!!!!!!!!”

  10. Doesn’t this show in syndicated re-runs now (or was)? Never watched it when it first ran on WB Network–now something else. I have the TV soundtracks–some of the songs are pretty good!

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